Outdoor and Adventure

Our Outdoor and Adventure programmes are designed to take your students through an outdoor learning experience that they will cherish forever. It may also be the springboard to life-long involvement in a fit and healthy lifestyle.

These activity intensive programmes will challenge your students, help them develop confidence and build strong friendships. They are also a great way to reward students for their hard work before moving onto a new school or year group.

Case study

Kanes Hill and Hightown Primary Schools have been bringing their year three students from inner city Southampton to Tile Barn for the last five years.

The Primary children love the new POD accommodation, and enjoy having a go at archery and climbing.


Educational benefits


Grow in confidence and reach their potential.

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Environmental awareness

Develop a social responsibility for the environment.

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Cooperate with others in team tasks.

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Leading and supporting

Develop leadership skills.

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Develop good listening and communication skills.

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Challenge and risk

Recognise risk and take appropriate action.

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Motivation and positivity

Develop a spirit of determination and endeavour in the face of challenge.

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Problem solving

Develop strategies to help plan and deliver effective solutions to obstacles.

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Case study

The Skinners Academy's sixth form course includes Gorge Walking, a great adventurous activity that is a firm favourite with the students and school staff alike.

They have loads of fun, develop resilience, develop leadership and team skills and learn about the special history and ecology of the area.

Student are actively involved in the risk assessing process and are taught how move safely through the gorge that includes rock scrambling up waterfalls, swimming in moving water and jumping off progressively bigger waterfalls throughout the journey.

The leaders were absolutely brilliant with our children. Very encouraging and motivating for all abilities and needs. THE CHILDREN LOVED IT.
Baltonsborough Primary School, 2019