Primary to Secondary Transition

New term? New Students? New friends

The transition into a new school or year group can be an unsettling time for young people. Our Primary to Secondary Transition Programme uses land, water and team activities to help build personal confidence and bring new groups of students together so they work more cohesively back at school. Our carefully designed programmes provide opportunities to break down existing social barriers, and students learn to help and trust new classmates in a supportive environment. A residential or day visit to a Hampshire Outdoor Centre will provide an intensity of experience that students and their teachers will remember forever.

Case study

Churcher’s College Year 7 on a Primary to Secondary Transition Programme.

Churcher's College also bring their Sixth Form students for a whole day of activities focussed on working together and developing communication skills.

Educational benefits


Grow in confidence and reach their potential.

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Cooperate with others in team tasks.

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Leading and supporting

Develop leadership skills.

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Develop good listening and communication skills.

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Challenge and risk

Recognise risk and take appropriate action.

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Motivation and positivity

Develop a spirit of determination and endeavour in the face of challenge.

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Problem solving

Develop strategies to help plan and deliver effective solutions to obstacles.

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Case study

Wicor Primary School visits the Mountain Centre twice a year, during the spring and autumn terms. Their course aims are focussed on learning about the natural history of several contrasting environments including the seasonal changes which occur.

The children are keen to learn and love having close up encounters with the wildlife they discover on their journeys each day.

Gorge walking