Field Studies Programme – Secondary education programme

Common Entrance Geography

These programmes are designed to meet the needs of the Common Entrance Geography Fieldwork Enquiry component. Students conduct an investigative geographical study, collect primary data and interpret the results. We can oversee the entire coursework project or students can process the data they have collected back at school. Either way, our specialist field studies tutors will work closely with the party leader to make sure your needs are met. Programmes can also include adventurous activities to break up the curriculum content and encourage better team working.

GCSE Geography

As of September 2016, for GCSE Geography all students are required to complete fieldwork in at least two different environments to prepare for assessment by examination. We offer Geography fieldwork programmes to meet the needs of the new specifications, taking students through the entire investigative process.

The topics of coastal processes and management, river processes and tourism can all be investigated through fieldwork at Calshot using sites such as Christchurch Bay, the River Lymington, Lyndhurst and the New Forest National Park. Students can either leave having collected the data they require, or spend more time conducting introductory, analysis and/or evaluation work in addition.

Our course content for KS4 is tailor made to meet the needs of individual schools. As such, for new exam board specifications, please get in touch with our bookings team to see how we can meet your needs.

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