Team and Personal Development

Tailor made to your group’s needs - you know your students better than us!

Based on your guidance, our experienced instructors will aim to tackle core personal and social skills like communication, tolerance and self belief. Our instructors will regularly monitor participant progress; setting and reviewing team goals and encouraging peer evaluations.

This programme uses a range of individual and team based outdoor activities to help students understand their strengths, and then facilitates the group in working together to deliver improved personal and team outcomes. It’s not only what you achieve but how you get there that counts!

Programmes throughout our centres can be single or multiday visits with a range of accommodation and catering options available.

Case study

Harrow Way Community School Year 8’s making new friends and learning to work together during their Team and Personal Development Programme. During this Spiders’ Web activity, students support each other in order to avoid getting tangled.

The Year 8’s developed their personal confidence through other activities such as windsurfing, mountain biking, track cycling and kayaking. The students also had a full evening programme of fun engaging team activities.

Low ropes

Educational benefits


Grow in confidence and reach their potential.

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Cooperate with others in team tasks.

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Leading and supporting

Develop leadership skills.

Megaphone icon


Develop good listening and communication skills.

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Challenge and risk

Recognise risk and take appropriate action.

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Motivation and positivity

Develop a spirit of determination and endeavour in the face of challenge.

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Problem solving

Develop strategies to help plan and deliver effective solutions to obstacles.

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Case study

These courses usually include activities such as Mountain Walking, Caving, Canoeing, Rock Climbing/Abseiling and Gorge Walking. 

We help students develop skills, such as leadership, progressively during each day and build upon learning over multi day programmes. By the end of a five day course students develop characteristics such as effective communication, leadership skills, tolerance and resilience, while becoming more effective at working with others. They enjoy the process and take great satisfaction in recognising their achievements through a focused review process. As a result they grow in confidence as the week progresses.