Medical forms and consent

It is the Group Leader's responsibility to ensure that they have obtained fully informed (parental for under 18s) consent for the group members to attend Hampshire Outdoor Centres before arrival. Furthermore parents/guardians and visiting staff accept that, by their nature, adventure activities may involve some level of risk which cannot be fully eliminated.

Failure to disclose relevant information may result in groups or individuals not being permitted to undertake activities at Hampshire Outdoor Centres.

It is important that party leaders obtain information, from parents or guardians for under 18’s, relating to:

  • any medical conditions
  • additional needs
  • swimming ability (for programmes with water content)
  • dietary requirements

Visiting group leaders must disclose this information prior to the visit using the HOC Group and Staff List form.


Low ropes
Gorge walking

Medical and consent information can be collected using school's own forms or our form templates:

The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP) supports Local Authorities, schools and Academy Groups in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and provides advice on good practice in Off Site Visits, Outdoor Learning and Learning Outside the Classroom. Their guidance may be useful when planning your visit to Hampshire Outdoor Centres.