Charges for towing and maintenance

Services provided by River Hamble Harbour Authority

Emergency towing

Emergency towing to the nearest point of safety.

Free of charge.

Other towing

Other towing or movement of boats.

£60 per hour (minimum charge £30).

Maintenance piles

Use of maintenance piles.

£25 per 24 hours.

Vessels displaying valid annual harbour dues stickers are entitled to the first 24 hours (two high tides) free of charge.

Specific visits

Specific visit to check on a boat for security/damage (only at owners request).

£60 per hour (minimum charge £30).


Replacing broken or missing fenders or warps.

£60 per hour (minimum charge £30), plus 120% of the cost of any materials used.

Pumping out

Pumping out to prevent further damage.

£60 per hour (minimum charge £30).

Sails and covers

Re-securing or lashing sails and covers to prevent further damage.

£60 per hour (minimum charge £30).