Work of the Hamble Estuary Partnership

Priority projects

Project ideas are delivered or facilitated by the Hamble Estuary Partnership (HEP).

The members of the Hamble Estuary Partnership felt that it would be useful to have a document which identifies the different organisations who have a responsibility for or interest in the River Hamble. This would help members know who to contact about a problem or issue. A 'Who Does What' table has been produced to meet this need.

The HEP has also produced a number of topic sheets which provide some general information and context for some of the ongoing issues on the River. It is hoped that these will provide answers where needed but can also direct the reader to where more information is available. Topic sheets have been produced for:

  • availability of parking adjacent to public hards
  • changes in recreational boating
  • climate change
  • coastal flooding
  • number, availability and cost of mid-stream mooring
  • the rich archaeology of the River Hamble
  • the risk of a large scale pollution event in the River Hamble
  • too much seaweed

The work of the HEP will now focus on the condition and ownership of the public slipways and hards in the river.

Contact us to view the information:


Phone: 01489 576387

Addressing runoff from the M27 road bridge

The M27 motorway bridge, when constructed in the 1970s, was not fitted with runoff interceptors. Therefore any surface liquids on the motorway drain directly into the river rather than being diverted into an alternative drainage or storage system. The ongoing run off from the M27 is not resulting in the river failing water quality standards; but elevated heavy metal concentrations have been noted in the mudflats under and adjacent to the bridge. However, it is the threat of a large-scale spill that most concerns the members of the partnership. The Highways Agency has installed pollution response equipment, but the concern remains. The Chairman of the HEP has been in recent correspondence with the Highways Agency but action is yet to be agreed.

Advisory role to River Hamble Harbour Board

The River Hamble Harbour Authority is part of Hampshire County Council. We have approved some changes to its Constitution with respect to the River Hamble. One of these changes is to allow the right of unfettered access to the Harbour Board by the Chair of the Hamble Estuary Partnership, an independent partnership organisation. The Chair of the Hamble Estuary Partnership will not be a full member of the Board and does not have a vote. They will have the right to report on the views expressed by the members of the Hamble Estuary Partnership on any matter on the Harbour Board agenda.

The following Terms of Reference for the Chair of the Hamble Estuary Partnership describe the extent and limits of this arrangement.

  • He/she shall have the right to attend all formal meetings of the Harbour Board
  • He/she shall have the right to address the Board in order to express the views of the partners of the HEP on any matter on the Harbour Board agenda
  • Where partners of the HEP have expressed disparate or conflicting views on a particular subject, the Chair of the HEP shall ensure that the full range of such views is reported to the Board
  • Board members and Harbour Authority officers shall have the right to ask questions of the Chair of the HEP
  • He/she shall have the right to address questions to members of the Board.
  • He/she will not formally be a member of the Board and will not be entitled to a vote
  • He/she shall be bound by the local government Code of Conduct in respect of all his/her dealings with the Board
  • He/she will not be remunerated for this role, but will be entitled to claim legitimate travel expenses for his attendance at Board meetings