Hamble learning zone

The River Hamble and its surrounding area provide a real world setting for learning

About the River Hamble

  • Location - Hampshire, United Kingdom
  • Source - near Bishops Waltham
  • Mouth - flows into Southampton Water between Hamble-le-Rice and Warsash
  • Length - 7.5 miles (12 km)
  • Direction - flows southwards
  • Nature - non-tidal Bishops Waltham to Botley. Tidal from Botley to Southampton Water
  • Settlements - the course of the river flows through Botley, Bursledon and Swanwick to Hamble/ Warsash
  • Key use - major recreational and leisure activity resource. Other riverine industries and services

Places to visit

Our Riverview interactive map allows you to:

  • follow the river from source to mouth
  • look at the settlements
  • plan walking routes using the rights of way network
  • look at sites of interest around the river many of which offer guided educational visits
  • find activity locations for the learning zone activity downloads
  • explore the archaeology of the river and its many wrecks
  • look at river depth profiles at 4 points along the river's length
  • look at the nature conservation designations in the area
  • find somewhere to park
  • look at photographs of the river banks
  • view street maps
  • locations of nature conservation sites
  • view Mooring Restriction Areas

View the Riverview interactive map

Tales from the River Hamble

  • The Ferryman's tale
  • The Fisherman's tale
  • The Harbour Master's tale
  • The Yachtman's tale

Things to do

These activities are for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils but some may be adapted for Key Stage 3. They can be carried out at a number of locations around the River Hamble. Some of the locations have rangers and contact details are given on their websites so that you can talk to them before you visit.

For advice on planning an offsite visit refer to the Outdoor Education Service.

Some field study equipment is available to borrow from Trailblazer or put in a request to the River Hamble Harbour Authority at harbour.office@hants.gov.uk.

Activity sheets

Harbour Master's Activity booklet

River's journey

Collage makers in the outdoors

If you're not from the Hamble...

River dynamics - how does your river work?

Investigating the lower tidal section of the Hamble river 1 and 2

Down your way - local faces, meet the people

Woodland detectives

Contrasting locality detectives Key Stage 1

Contrasting locality detectives Key Stage 2

Hamble/Warsash activities Key Stage 1

Hamble/Warsash activities Key Stage 2