Harbour Board and Management Committee

Decision making and management of Hamble Harbour

Harbour Board

The River Hamble Harbour Board is the decision making body of the Harbour Authority. It ensures the safe and efficient management of the harbour.

The Board meets every two months.

Harbour Board minutes, meeting and member details

Management committee

The River Hamble Management Committee advises the Harbour Board and reviews its decisions.

It meets every three months.

Management committee minutes, meeting and member details

Annual forum

The River Hamble Forum is held in March or April each year.  The date will be published on the River Hamble home page.

Should there be any issues or matters of concern which you wish to raise as a river user or stakeholder in the intervening period between forum meetings, you should contact any member of either the Harbour Board or Management Committee.

Marine Director's Annual Report 2016
Marine Director's Annual Report 2017