The Roof and Ceiling

The chapel has been entirely re-roofed and many of the slates installed were decorated on the underside to leave a lasting legacy during the highly successful ‘Raise the Roof’ Campaign.

The gutters have not only been repaired, but relined with a new modern gutter system as there were inherent problems with the original design which meant they had leaked for years. One area where the gutters had leaked very badly, caused damage internally to a large area of the ornate plasterwork in the main hall.

Royal Victoria Chapel ceiling

The area was stripped right back to the timber structure, this was then repaired as it had decayed due to being damp. Following which  it was restored using traditional methods by a specialist lime plasterer.

All in all these works took 3-4 months with over 6 layers of plaster being applied to build up the necessary base formwork, followed by running the detailed mouldings cornicing exactly matched by taking moulds from the existing plaster in the main hall. Following paint analysis by a specialist paint conservator, the chapel has been completely redecorated with a scheme that reflects the original blue and white distempers from when the chapel was originally built.

Royal Victoria Chapel roof slates