University of Portsmouth Project

In 2017, we began an exciting project with the University of Portsmouth working with Dr Tarek Teba, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture, and Alexandru Albu, a final-year Creative Technology and Animation student. The project was to explore ways of creating a 3D model of the main building of the Royal Victoria Military Hospital.

The project team worked from a mixture of historical photographs and the hospital plans.
Architectural drawing of Royal Victoria Hospital

Over the period of 6 weeks, Alexandru Albu created a 3D model using Autodesk Revit, building information modelling software for architects. He presented his work as a video ‘walkthrough’ showing the front façade of the building and 360° fixed pivot views of the building. The 360° fixed pivot views can be implemented with a cardboard headset for mobile phones, giving the illusion of virtual reality.

We were very pleased with the digital model that Alexandru Albu was able to produce in a short space of time. The overall look was just what we had been hoping for to give visitors a clear understanding of what the building looked like. It is certainly a good starting point for any continuation of the project in future to reconstruct other parts of the hospital.

We would like to thank both Alexandru Albu and Dr Tarek Teba for their time and involvement in this project.

Take a look at the video ‘walkthrough’ of the 3D model and the 360° fixed pivot view.

Given the size and scale of the hospital, it was agreed that Alexandru Albu would digitally recreate the front fa├žade of the building, leaving the project open for future development by other students.