War poetry in context


The Royal Victoria Military Hospital at Netley played an important role in the treatment of soldiers wounded in the trenches of the Western Front in WW1.

This event at the Park provides the opportunity to read and discuss war poetry in context, giving students a richer experience and greater understanding of the language and themes involved. Students will:

  • Read WW1 poems and identify vocabulary describing the conditions and soldiers’ experiences
  • Use video footage and photographs from the Battle of the Somme to create a vocabulary bank focusing on the different senses
  • Understand the role that the Royal Victoria Hospital at Netley played in treating wounded soldiers during WW1, including from the Battle of the Somme
  • Explore areas of the Royal Victoria Hospital site to identify contrasting scenes and descriptive vocabulary
  • Write poems that contrast the noise and horrors of warfare with the peace and tranquillity at Netley

Session length: 2 1/2 hours

Session price: £8.50 per pupil

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