Prices and opening times


Membership payment options
Direct debit
Unlimited climbing
£40.00 per month
Annual membership £8.00
Under 18
One-off fee
Entry prices Peak times Off peak times
Visitors and guests entry £12.80 £12.80
Under 18's entry £8.00 £7.20
Annual member entry £10.00 £8.50
Annual member concession entry £9.00 £7.90
Family climbing
1x adult, 2x children and equipment Wed & Thurs before 5pm and all-day Saturday
Climbing shoes £4.00
Harness £4.00
Belay Plate £2.50
Set - Shoes, Harness and Belay Plate £9.00
Chalk bag £2.50
Helmets Free and compulsory for Under 18s £2.50 for adults

Opening times

Days Opening times Off peak hours
Monday 2pm to 10pm* Entry before 5pm
Tuesday 2pm to 10pm* Entry before 5pm
Wednesday 2pm to 10pm* Entry before 5pm
Thursday 2pm to 10pm* Entry before 5pm
Friday 2pm to 10pm* Off peak all day
Saturday 10am to 5.30pm 3pm to 5.30pm
Sunday and bank holidays 10am to 5pm 3pm to 5pm
*Temporary early opening times and may change. Please keep checking for updated times before you travel.