COVID-19 Measures at The Wall

Following Government guidance there are several changes and measures that we have put in place to welcome you safely to the wall. Please take the time to read through these and other key information below.

These measures along with your feedback will be under continuous review. If you want to leave us feedback, please speak to one of the wall team.

Please read and understand the following COVID-19 risk statements:

  • If at any point in the last two weeks prior to the visiting the facility, if you (or any other member of the party) are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or any other person in your (or any other member of the parties) household or support bubble is currently self-isolating due to COVID-19, you must not use the facility.
  • Calshot Activities Centre has additional hygiene controls in place to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.  You accept that, by the nature of the virus, it is not possible to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 entirely and that you consent to taking part or to your child taking part.
  • I understand that I should not climb with someone outside of my household or support bubble. You should not mix with someone from another household even if you know them. Please respect social distancing.
  • Hand washing and sanitising facilities will be available on site and it is your responsibility to ensure that you wash your hands before and after visiting.  It is also important to ensure hands are washed before and after handling any activity equipment or eating food.
  • You and/or your child agree to abide by social distancing as per current Government guidance, whilst taking part visiting or taking part in activities at Calshot Activities Centre.
  • Face coverings must always be worn in the hanger and climbing area including when belaying but may be removed when climbing.
  • Staff will be maintaining social distancing and good hygiene procedures.  You understand that staff may need to break social distancing guidance to provide support, first aid or rescue. 

Planning your visit:

  • For Take Off and courses please book online. Recreational climbing simply turn up and climb!
  • Consider when you want to climb and think about visiting during non-peak times.
  • We kindly ask that all climbers stay no longer than three hours during busy periods.
  • Should we reach capacity we will manage the three-hour climbing time and implement a queueing system accordingly.
  • Hire of equipment is limited please arrive with what you need.
  • Payments are card only, contactless where possible.

During your visit:

  • Remember that you might be out of climbing practice!
  • Remember to complete buddy checks before climbing. Buddy checks can be completed following social distancing guidance. Show your partner your knot so they can visually check it, squeeze test all karabiners whilst your partner is watching. Communicate effectively and only start climbing once all checks complete.
  • Wash or sanitise your hands on your departure.

Other facilities

  • Toilets are available. Showers and changing is out of use.