Standards for developers and engineers

Standards for designing and constructing roads

Highways development planning

Hampshire County Council considers the transport implications of major planning applications across the county. This includes:

  • Pre-application services for developers
  • Consultation with the Highway Authority
  • Assessment of highway implications
  • Legal agreements
  • Travel plans

Further details

New housing and highway adoption

Roads on new estates are built by developers to allow residents of the new houses to get to their properties from the existing highway.

Further information

Section 278

Section 278: Guidance for Developers (Updated September 2016) outlines the design check procedure, provides information on the approvals process and details the level of fees and commuted sums required in connection with Section 278 Highway Works.

Section 278: Technical Submission Requirements (Updated July 2016) provides developers and their consultants with all the information required to enable them to submit a complete Section 278 submission for design checking. Submission of complete packages enables the design check team to process design checks quickly within the timeframes detailed in the document. This document also details all the steps required to enable a start of works on site and the procedures for final maintenance and adoption of the completed works.

Please note: This Document is currently under review and will be updated early 2018.  However please note that As-Built Drawings are now required PRIOR to the issue of the Completion Certificate.  The Completion Certificate will not be issued until a full set of accurate As-Built drawings (.Pdf and packaged .Dwg formats) have been received.

The following documents are the submission checklists which detail what a Developer/Consultant must submit to enable Hampshire County Council to undertake a S278 Design Check on the Developer's proposals. There is also the template form to be used when requesting a Departure or Relaxation from Standard: 

S278 Minor Works Submission Checklist (Updated July 2017)

S278 Preliminary Design Submission Checklist (Updated July 2017)

S278 Detailed Design Submission Checklist (Updated July 2017)

S278 Combined Design Submission Checklist (Updated July 2017)

Request for a Departure from Standard (Updated July 2017)

Pre-Start Meeting Agenda (S278) (Updated January 2018)

S278 Design Audit Outline Programme

Section 38

For information regarding Hampshire County Council's S38 procedure and requirements please refer to the Companion Document to the Manual for Streets which is currently under review and the fees have changed in Appendix 2, 2.13.1 from 10% to 11%. For further information, please contact our S38 team

S38 submission checklist

Guidance Notes for Developers applying for Section 38 agreement

For information on Hampshire County Council’s policy on the Advanced Payment Code (APC) process, please see the guidance document, which is effective from 2 April 2018. For further information, please contact 

Advanced Payment Code (APC) guidance

Section 184

A Section 184 Licence permits a new vehicle crossing over a footway and/or verge normally providing dropped kerbs and strengthening the footway and verge for vehicle use. This type of licence is only suitable where the vehicle crossover does not exceed 10m in width and does not require any removal of highway trees.

Dropped kerb application

Commuted sums

Hampshire County Council require developers to pay a commuted sum towards the future maintenance of items that have a higher maintenance cost compared with conventional materials or items, or would not be required save for the development.

Commuted sum policy

Technical Guidance and Manual for Streets

Hampshire County Council is developing a set of Technical Guidance Notes detailing what the adoptable standards are within Hampshire.  The TG’s should be read in conjunction with the Standard Construction Details.  By setting out the County Council's  requirements we hope to inform planners, developers and designers at the early stages of their design proposals what we will accept within the highway network.

The Technical Guidance Notes replace the guidance in the County Council's Companion Document to the Manual for Streets.

Highway Construction Standard Details

The Highway Construction Details are a set of drawings which detail how elements of any highways are to be built if they are to be adopted by the County Council as the Highway Authority. The drawings are accompanied by a set of guidance notes which provide additional guidance to engineers regarding the use of the details and the various options available.

Surfacing options

Guidance document on surfacing options

Guidance document on surfacing options for footways and block paving November 2016

Traffic management policies and guidance

Traffic management policy

Street lighting

Street Lighting Inventory Update Form – Accrual Features Spreadsheet

Street Lighting Maintenance Management Plan (Lighting Policy 5th Edition)

Street Lighting - Typical Lighting Design Drawing

TG13 Technical Guidance – Street Lighting

Traffic signal controlled junctions

To assist developers in submitting appropriate drawings, typical layouts of preliminary and detail design drawings show the level of information required at A1 and A3 size for both design check stages.

Preliminary layout (A1)

Preliminary layout (A3)

Detailed layout (A1) 

Detailed layout (A3)

Example Traffic Systems Hazard Assessment and Safety Case documents

Policy on use of temporary trench cover systems

Policy on Temporary Trench Cover Systems

Highway Tree Policy

If a development is likely to impact trees on highway land, please refer to Hampshire County Council’s policy for the protection of highway trees affected by new developments. This outlines that compensation will be due for the loss of highway trees and the method for calculating the value.