Highway Construction Standard Details

The Highway Construction Standard Details are a set of drawings which detail how elements of any highways are to be built if they are to be adopted by Hampshire County Council as the Highway Authority

The drawings are accompanied by a set of guidance notes which provide additional guidance to engineers regarding the use of the details and the various options available.

Please read the guidance notes whenever using the Standard Details to ensure you are applying them appropriately.

Hampshire County Council accepts no liability for the use of these details outside of Hampshire County Council's highway network. The standard detail drawings (with the drawing frames, Hampshire County Council crest and associated logos) may only be used by Hampshire County Council, developers undertaking works for adoption by Hampshire and the permitted users of the Gen3 Framework Contracts.

The current set of Standard Details are "Series 10", provided below.

'C' Series: Carriageway Construction Details

'D' Series: Drainage Construction Details

'L' Series: Street Lighting Details

'M' Series: Maintenance Details

'S' Series: Structure Details
'T' Series: Traffic Signal Details