Technical Guidance Notes and Manual for Streets

Information for developers, planners and designers about adoptable standards in Hampshire


Technical Guidance Notes

The Technical Guidance Notes are a suite of notes detailing what the adoptable standards are within Hampshire. These documents are set within the framework of the material use policy and commuted sum policy, with the emphasis being on ensuring appropriate use of materials and minimising long term maintenance costs.  By stipulating clearly Hampshire County Council’s (HCC) requirements we hope to inform planners, developers and designers at the early stages of their design proposals what HCC will accept within the highway network.

Please note:

This suite of Technical Guidance Notes will replace the majority of the content of HCC’s Companion Guide to Manual for Streets which has become out-of-date in many areas.  Existing documents such as HCC’s Companion Guide to Manual for Streets, the Section 278 Guidance Document and the Section 278 Technical Submission Requirements will be reviewed and updated upon completion of the Technical Guidance Notes. If there is a discrepancy between the existing documents and the new Technical Guidance Notes, then the new TG’s take precedence.

June 2018: Links for TG17 - Departures from Standard and TG18 - Road Safety Audits have been added to the table below.

If you have a query about applying this to your particular project, please contact:

  • the Design Check Engineer dealing with your S278 or S38 application (if you are a Developer or Developer’s Consultant)
  • the Technical Guidance Note Specialist(s) (if you are a working within Hampshire County Council)

If you have a specific query or feedback about any of the Technical Guidance Notes, please email stating the TG number in the subject line (eg. TG17 advice required about para 3.2)

Document number Title Target Publication Date 
TG1  Alignment Design TBC
TG2 Highways Cross-Sections July 2018
TG3 Stopping Sight Distances and Visibility Splays June 2018
TG4 Intelligent Transport Systems (Traffic signals, pedestrian crossings and traffic information systems) TBC
TG5 Geotechnical Investigation and Testing Requirements August 2018
TG6-1 Pavement Foundation Design July 2018
TG6-2 Flexible and Rigid Pavement Design July 2018
TG6-3  Small Element (block paving) and Permeable Pavement Design July 2018
TG7 Adoption of Structures June 2018
TG8-1 Drainage – General Items August 2018
TG8-2 Drainage – Positive Drainage Systems August 2018
TG8-3 Drainage – Swales, Ditches and Above Ground Conveyance August 2018
TG8-4 Drainage - Infiltration August 2018
TG8-5 Drainage – Storage Systems August 2018
TG8-6 Drainage – Water Quality
August 2018
TG9 Public Transport Infrastructure (inc Bus Stops, Shelters, RTPI)
June 2018
TG10 Footways / Cycleways / Shared Surfaces August 2018
TG11 Traffic Calming August 2018
TG12 Signs and Bollards TBC
TG13 Street Lighting June 2018
TG14 Passive street furniture and Vehicle Restraint Systems TBC
TG15 Landscaping  July 2018
TG16 Not used  
TG17 Departures from Standard  
TG18 Road Safety Audits
TG19 Non-Motorised Users TBC
TG20 Statutory Undertakers June 2018
TG21 Traffic Regulation Orders June 2018
TG22 Temporary Traffic Management June 2018 
TG23 Land Compensation Act (Claims) TBC
TG24 Scheme Handover August 2018
TG25 Fencing, Noise Barriers and Demarcation of the Highway Boundary TBC
Manual for Streets

The Manual for Streets is the official government guidance for practitioners involved in the design, planning and approval of new residential streets and modifications to existing ones.

The Companion Document to the Manual for Streets was Hampshire County Council’s formal highways guidance on the Hampshire approach to street design. It did not replace or duplicate the national guidance but sat alongside it as local guidance.

However, over time the County Council’s policies have evolved and been updated. This has resulted in parts of the Companion Guide becoming out-of-date.  The new Technical Guidance Notes will be the new source of Information for developers, planners and designers about adoptable standards in Hampshire.