Disabled parking bays

Disabled parking bays may be provided in residential streets to help people who are struggling to park near their home. You might qualify for a disabled parking bay if you have a disability that makes it difficult to get to and from your car.

In most cases the district or borough councils are responsible for disabled parking bays. Hampshire County Council deals with requests for these bays in the New Forest, Test Valley, Fareham and Gosport.

We will consider applications for disabled parking bays if:

  • you have a Blue Badge
  • the application is for a vehicle that is registered and kept at the applicant’s address. We can't provide bays for visiting carers or relatives
  • you don't have a suitable driveway, hard standing or garage close to your property that could be used for a vehicle
  • there is a suitable safe location on the road for the bay. We can't remove double or single yellow lines

Who can use the disabled parking bay

Disabled parking bays can be used by any driver displaying a valid Blue Badge in their vehicle. This could be for the driver or a passenger. The bay can't be assigned to one person only. Disabled parking bays in residential areas are "advisory only", so they aren't legally enforceable.

An enforceable disabled parking bay will have a legal Traffic Regulation Order applied to it. These are usually in a town centre location. They will have an accompanying sign stating ‘Disabled Badge Holders Only'.

Apply for a disabled parking bay

To apply for a disabled parking bay, call us on 0300 555 1388.