Suspension of parking bays or restrictions

Suspension of parking bays only applies to parking bays/spaces. It doesn't apply to bus stops or taxi bays, unless with permission from Hampshire County Council.

You must apply online for a suspension. It costs £50 per 6 metres and a 10-day notice period is required.

When we receive a suspension request we may:

  • visit the site
  • erect signs including dates from and to
  • leave cones
  • inform immediate neighbours

You should make a note of any vehicle parked in the suspended bays during the suspension period. This is so the owners do not receive a penalty charge notice in error.

Suspension of a parking bay is suitable for:

  • removal vehicles
  • large or heavy/bulky deliveries
  • skips
  • private works to properties
  • loading/unloading
  • possible storage of works materials

Use a visitor permit for small daily works.

Works vehicles should not park in suspended bays.

The suggested maximum length of a suspension is 1 month. To extend a suspension for another month, you will need to pay a further £50 to cover administrative costs.

The Traffic Regulation Order covers Hampshire County Council highways works. The County Council will notify residents and carry out suspension works.

If you park a vehicle in a suspended bay and you do not meet the above criteria, you may receive a penalty charge notice.

Apply to suspend a parking bay

To apply for a bay suspension email the Parking Services Team with details of your request at

Once your request has been approved we will provide details of how to pay for your bay suspension.