Crown Estate moorings

The Crown Estate operates a range of mid-stream moorings on the River Hamble

The River Hamble Harbour Authority administers the mid stream moorings on the River Hamble on behalf of the Crown Estate.

Types of mooring

These include piled mooring, deep water mooring sites (buoyed moorings) and drying mooring sites (buoyed moorings).

Applying for a mooring

There is a waiting list for Crown Estate moorings.

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply.

You don’t need to own a boat when applying for the waiting list.

Estimated waiting time

The waiting list is divided into different length over all (LOA) size categories.

 Each category has different time frames depending on its popularity.

Length overall Estimated time on waiting list 
Up to 7.6 metres 2 - 3 years 
7.6 - 9.1 metres 8 - 10 years
9.1 - 12.2 metres Over 10 years 
12.2 - 15.2 metres  8 - 10 years

It costs £30 per year to join the waiting list.

Renewing an application

You will be sent a payment reminder each September to re-confirm your intention to remain on the waiting list.

If you fail to renew the application by the end of December you will be removed from the waiting list.

Leaving the waiting list

If you joined the waiting list before 1 January 2008) you will be entitled to a £20 refund if you voluntarily leave the list.

If you joined or rejoined after 1 January 2008 will you are not be eligible for a refund.