Hampshire County Council: Documents for works promoters


USRN Winchester Central / South Split

HCC Streetworks contact details

Permit Scheme Information

Permit Scheme Meeting with Utilities Presentation (Feb 2019)

Permit Scheme Meeting with Utilities Minutes (Feb 2019)

Hampshire County Council Permit Scheme

Hampshire County Council Permit Process (2019)

HCC Permit Scheme – 1 Month On (April 2019)

HCC Permit Scheme – 1 Month On Minutes (April 2019)


A27 Traffic Management Plan

A32 Traffic Management Plan

A3023 Traffic Management Plan (Oct 2014)

Process For Requesting Closures For Non Emergency Urgent Works

TM Plan Proforma For Works (June 2014)

TM Plan Requirement Assessment Flow (June 2011)

Reinstatements / Materials

Process for Determining the Presence of Buried Apparatus

Hampshire’s Policy On Use Of Trench Cover Systems

Hants HAUC (Nov 2015) Info For Specific Materials And Requirements In Hants

Instarmac 6mm Proposal Response

Materials Advice - Avoiding Limestone In Surfacing Materials For Carriageway Works


Disruptive Works Overrunning into Peak Periods

Good Working Practice For Overnight Works

Streetworks and Environmental Health



HCC Traffic Signals Works Notification Form


Coring Procedure

Core Selection Flow Chart


Inspections Sequencing Flowchart

Working Methods

Letter Regarding Directional Drilling (March 2012)

Significant Works Sheet
Hampshire County Council Significant Works sheet
Coordination Meetings

Coordination Meeting Presentation January 2019

Coordination Meeting Presentation April 2018

Performance reports
M27 smart motorway project

M27 summary of diversions

Slip road closures and speed limits 1

Slip road closures and speed limits 2

Slip road closures and speed limits 3

MP 16.0

Junction 11 diversion

Junction 11 diversion 2

Junction 10

Junction 10 diversion

Junction 9 diversion

Junction 9 diversion 2

Junction 8

Junction 8 diversion

Junction 7

Junction 7 diversion

Junction 5

Junction 5 diversion

Highways England tactical diversion routes

A303 Diversion Routes Site 1

A303 Diversion Routes Site 2




Highways Agency Diversion Routes