Report a tree or hedge problem

Responsibility of Hampshire County Council

Trees close to roads need to be managed to make sure that they do not cause danger to people, vehicles, and neighbouring properties. We manage trees growing on highway land. That means trees on public roads and pathways and generally (but not always) the verges beside them.

We do not manage trees on private property and roads – the land owner or occupier is responsible for these trees. If trees are not the responsibility of Hampshire Highways we still may be able to give notice to the owner or occupier of the land to take the necessary action.

Grass cutting and weed killing are undertaken via a scheduled programme during the summer months. More about grass cutting and weed killing


The standard minimum target for vegetation clearance on A and B roads is 5.2m over the carriageway, 1m behind the edge of the carriageway, 3m over the footway and 500mm behind the back edge of the footway. Clearances on other roads reflects the type of traffic and road use.

Vegetation overhanging your property

If you wish to prune overgrown roadside trees where branches overhang your property, you may do so within these guidelines:

  • branches may not be cut beyond the property boundary
  • pruning must not cause significant damage to the tree
  • you must check that a tree is not protected by a Tree Preservation Order or within a Conservation Area. Contact your local District Council Planning Department

Advice about appropriate contractors may be obtained from your local District Council Planning Department Tree Officer or from the Arboricultural Association.

Trees which block street lights

To report a problem with overgrown trees blocking light from a street light, contact [email protected] or phone 0800 048 2437.

When making your request please provide the road name, town and number of the light. Light numbers are displayed on each post facing the road.

How should I report my issue?

To report a highways emergency that poses an immediate risk to the public, call either:

  • Phone 0300 555 1388 (8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Outside of office hours 101
If you are reporting an issue that is very likely to present an imminent threat to life, serious injury or serious damage to property, please report this as an emergency by calling 999.

For all other issues, please use the following form.