Using salt bins

Where to use salt

The salt / grit in the community bins is for use only in the community on public paths, pavements and roads.

The salt is not for private use on driveways or garden paths.
Who can use the salt

Anyone can use the salt to put on the roads or pavements. This can be particularly useful for example, to ‘join up’ salting from the main road carried out by County Council salting vehicles - to smaller access roads or on the pavements to the local school.

How much salt to use

One tablespoon of salt (20 grams) is sufficient to treat one square metre of road / pavement surface. Please use the salt carefully – overuse will result in it being used up too quickly.

Advice on clearing snow and ice from pavements yourself

How the bins get refilled

We will refill the salt bins as soon as reasonably possible, and in bad weather we will endeavour to fill up empty bins on route.

At times of prolonged severe weather, the priority of the winter maintenance teams will be to salt the main roads and we may not be able to refill the salt bins as quickly as at other times.

Bins will not be refilled where people have taken the contents for their own personal use, and Hampshire County Council reserves the right to remove bins where the contents are being continually taken for private use.