Streets Ahead pedestrian training

Basic road safety skills for six and seven year olds

What it teaches

The scheme teaches skills for dealing with road safety situations including:

  • crossing roads
  • using special crossing places
  • playing safely
  • choosing the safest route
Who does the training

Volunteers deliver the training.

Anyone within the wider school community can become a trainer. This could be parents, grandparents, staff or a local School Crossing Patrol. They must be trained by our Road Safety Team.

Setting up the scheme at your school

You need to have the support of the Year 2 staff and Headteacher. You will also need to find the volunteers.

Becoming a trainer

The Headteacher needs to nominate all trainers. All nominees will be subject to an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before they can train the children.

Download a nomination form

The Road Safety Team will then invite you to attend a training session. A cluster session can be arranged at your school or you can attend a session planned in a local school.

Starting the training

Once your volunteers are trained we need to authorise the course.

You will need to include details of the instructors running the training as well as dates and times of the sessions. Please note the time just needs to be AM or PM.

Complete the course authorisation form

We will authorise the course, subject to DBS checks being complete and on our system. A copy of the authorisation form along with workbooks and pencils is then sent to the school, usually via the Courier Service.

For more information and materials to promote Streets Ahead please contact the Road Safety Team: or phone 01962 846100.


Schools need to request certificates for children who complete the training.

Certificates will be processed and sent out to you as soon as possible, usually via the Courier Service.

Request your certificates

For parents

You should ask at your child’s school to see if they are running Streets Ahead courses. If they are not, the Road Safety Team can assist in setting up the scheme. Ask the school to contact the team for further information and help.