Conduct a community transport audit

Conducting an audit of existing transport services provides you with a clear picture of all services and destinations available to your community. This could include:

  • bus and train services
  • community transport services
  • services provided by community groups (volunteers, charities, local churches)

For each type of transport, you should ask the following questions:

  • Who can use this service?
  • Which destinations does it serve?
  • What times/days does the service run?

Your audit could also include transport services available to neighbouring communities or parishes. It may be possible to expand a neighbouring service to include your community, or to develop a joint service with other parishes.


Audit example and template

Hampshire County Council

Useful resources to help you identify transport services operating in your area.

Travel plans

Some organisations may have created a 'travel plan'. This is a document that identifies potential travel issues, consults with the people affected and puts in place plans to address them.

Travel plans will be a useful source of information for your audit. Speak to local schools, businesses, train stations and other community organisations to find out if they have conducted a travel plan.

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