Best practice

Insurance for your organisation

You need public liability insurance so that the organisers are not personally liable for claims against the organisation. For example, if a passenger is injured being helped from their front door to the vehicle. Motor insurance would not cover this type of claim. Contact your Council of Voluntary Service for advice on where to buy a suitable policy.

Minibus Drivers Awareness Scheme (MiDAS)

MiDAS helps improve minibus safety by improving driving standards. It is strongly recommended that you provide MiDAS training to minibus drivers.

Find out more about the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme.

The Bus Service Operator's Grant (BSOG)

BSOG allows operators of eligible local bus services and community transport schemes to reclaim some of their fuel costs. This can be a way to recoup some of your operating costs if you own a minibus.

Visit the Department for Transport's information for bus operators

Recruiting and managing volunteers

Visit the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) for managing volunteers or to find your local volunteer centre to advertise for volunteers.

Speak to other voluntary organisations in your area for local help and advice.

DBS checks

DBS checks for volunteers or paid staff confirm whether an individual has any criminal convictions. Checks are important where people have unsupervised contact with children or vulnerable adults as part of their role. They are strongly recommended for voluntary car drivers who transport older people.

Drivers Skill Scheme 60+

If you are using volunteer drivers, the Drivers Skill Scheme 60+ offers a confidential and enjoyable appraisal of driving skills for older motorists.

Find out more about the Driver Skill Scheme 60+

Advice for community organisations

If you are setting up a new organisation, speak to your local Council of Voluntary Service. They should be able to give you advice on:

  • not for profit organisations versus social enterprises
  • constitutions
  • insurance
  • volunteer recruitment and management
  • funding
  • signposting
  • training
  • DBS checks