A27 Bishopsfield Road to Station Roundabout and Fareham railway station

Improvement works along The Avenue to increase capacity and alleviate congestion

Last update: September 2019

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Scheme overview

The improvement works along The Avenue have been designed to increase capacity and alleviate congestion at the key arterial junctions of Station Roundabout and the A27 at Gudge Heath Lane and Redlands Lane, and are being carried out by Mildren Construction Ltd.  The works started in May 2016 and works are completed.

Please see a video virtual tour of how the improvements will look.

The scheme includes:

  • highway widening to improve traffic flows along The Avenue and around Station Roundabout bus stop improvements
  • footway widening to provide a new shared use pedestrian and cyclist route between Fareham College and Fareham train station
  • improvements to the train station platform facilities
  • improvements to the train station forecourt access stairs, road surfacing and footways

Some travel disruption is inevitable as a result of these works however the County Council will be working with the contractors to ensure this is reduced as far as is practicable. Please allow more time for your journey.

Works summary

  • The A27 will be widened to add capacity with the provision of an additional dedicated west-bound traffic lane while still retaining the current dedicated right hand turn into Gudge Heath Lane.  In order to achieve this, Hampshire County Council has acquired by voluntary agreement, a strip of land across the frontage of properties numbered 16 to 24 of The Avenue
  • Capacity improvements through this link will help reduce congestion generally across the locally affected network, improve the flow of west-bound traffic and reduce congestion and delays at Station Roundabout
  • New and enhanced off-line bus facilities to the front of Fareham train station will better connect Eclipse buses and other bus services and enable more efficient and direct bus/train passenger interchange
  • A new shared-use cycleway will link between the train station, West Street and Fareham College
  • The existing staggered controlled pedestrian crossing at A27/Gudge Heath Lane/Redlands Lane junction will be widened and converted to a Toucan style facility enabling shared cycle and pedestrian use
  • A new train station forecourt access link will be provided for pedestrians and cyclists
  • A new bus lane is to be constructed to assist buses entering into Station Roundabout
  • General public realm and shared-space enhancements
  • Subway modifications to accommodate the new bus stop location

Accessibility to Fareham Train Station – New crossing proposal

A decision by Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport, Councillor Rob Humby, to not install a new signalised pedestrian crossing outside Fareham Train Station, was made on Tuesday 11 July 2017.  Read the full report.

Fareham Station improvements

The steps at the station have opened and form part of the South West Train upgrade works. A new cycle hub delivering 136 two tiered cycle spaces with enhanced CCTV for cycle security, which has been jointly funded by Department of Transport, Solent Local Enterprise Partnership and Hampshire County Council, this also forms part of the wider Fareham station improvements being carried out by South West Trains.

Public consultation now closed

Four public exhibitions were held at local venues in June 2015 providing an opportunity for local review and amendment of the design proposals. Download the consultation document with plans and visuals from the exhibition.

Results of public consultation

Funding arrangements

The current budget for the works is £6.611 million. Following a successful bid for Local Growth Funding and final approval of the business case, the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership has allocated £4.958 million of funding towards these works. There is a Local Transport Plan contribution of £1.553 million and an additional £100k from the Public Realm Development Fund.

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