A35 Road and Bridge Essential Works (Redbridge Causeway)

Last update: June 2024

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The concrete repair works underneath the A35 carriageway to the supporting structures of Redbridge East Bridge and the railway piers of Redbridge Viaduct have now been completed, and the concrete repairs to the supporting structure of Redbridge West Bridge are nearing completion.

One of the final tasks that now needs to be completed is the refurbishment and repainting of the north railings and parapet of Redbridge West Bridge. This work is required to repair multiple defects arising from corrosion and minor impact damage which have accumulated over time, and to protect the parapet from further corrosion. The parapet will be painted to match the new south parapet to the Redbridge Viaduct.

This work is currently programmed to start on Tuesday 28 May for a period of approximately 4 weeks (weather permitting). The north footway of the eastbound A35 will need to be closed over the full length of the causeway during the works for safety reasons. A fully signed diversion for pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorised users will be in place via the south footway during the closure.

Other improvement works in the area;

Redbridge Causeway to Eling -  Cycle Improvements Scheme

Hampshire County Council have appointed Milestones Infrastructure Ltd to carry out cycle improvement works that will that will be taking place from 8 January for up to 10 weeks.  Please visit the scheme web page for further information on the improvements and the pedestrian diversion route plans.
Scheme overview

The current package of Redbridge Causeway Concrete Repairs comprises refurbishment works to three bridges – Redbridge West, Redbridge East, and Redbridge Road. These bridges carry the eastbound carriageway of the A35 Redbridge Causeway over the River Test, the Redbridge to Romsey railway line and Test Lane / Old Redbridge Road, between Southampton and Totton. Some additional works to Redbridge Viaduct, which carries the westbound carriageway, are also included.

The works are part of the wider scheme to refurbish all four structures supporting the Causeway. Work Package 1, completed in 2018, renewed the carriageway surfacing and expansion joints of Redbridge Viaduct. Work Package 2 (WP2), also complete, comprised concrete repairs and installation of an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system to the supports of the Viaduct to repair current defects and prolong the life of the structure. The third phase of the project, Work Package 3 (WP3), is being undertaken in stages and is expected to be completed by November 2023.

This will include the following works:

  • Concrete repairs to the three eastbound carriageway bridges to repair current defects;
  • Installation of an ICCP System to Redbridge West Bridge to inhibit further corrosion of the steel reinforcement;
  • Replacement of the bridge deck waterproofing and surfacing to both the carriageway and footway of all three eastbound carriageway bridges;
  • Upgrading the south parapet to Redbridge Viaduct to improve safety for cyclists;
  • Concrete repairs to Piers 5 & 6 of Redbridge Viaduct (excluded from WP2 due to the proximity of the piers to the railway line).
Where the work is taking place

A35 Redbridge Causeway Bridge Location Plan

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