Alton : Anstey Road/Anstey Lane junction improvements

Last update: April 2022

Traffic Management Update

The new signal junction fully operational and we would like to thank all residents for their patience through the recent period of night working.

The scheme will upgrade the junction of Anstey Road and Anstey Lane from a three-way priority junction to a traffic signal-controlled junction. The scheme will mitigate the impact of traffic growth in the area, particularly from nearby residential developments;

  • by increasing the capacity of the junction;
  • reducing congestion; and
  • improving road safety.

Traffic signal controls and widening the carriageway will enable turning traffic to flow more easily and efficiently. A signal controlled crossing will improve safety for pedestrians and there will be improved provision for cyclists as well.

Works completed in September 2021.

Scheme Overview

Hampshire County Council has appointed Mildren Construction Ltd to carry out the works to upgrade the junction of Anstey Road with Anstey Lane in Alton. Anstey Road is a key pedestrian and cycle corridor from the Holybourne, Anstey and Wootey residential areas to schools, the railway station and the town centre and is heavily used during peak times. Traffic modelling indicates that motor vehicle, pedestrian and cycle flows through the junction are all expected to increase over the coming years due to local residential development in the area.  

The County Council has considered a range of options to deliver the necessary improvements to the Anstey Lane / Anstey Road junction that will increase capacity at the junction, enhance the safety of cyclists using the Anstey Road cycle lane and provide safe crossing facilities for pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users.

The scheme currently in construction will upgrade the junction from a three-way priority junction to a signal-controlled junction. The scheme will mitigate the impact of this increase in traffic, by increasing the capacity of the junction, minimising congestion and improving road safety. The project will introduce traffic signal control and additional carriageway width to better manage the flows of turning traffic and will also include signalised pedestrian crossing facilities and improved provision for cyclists.

This will:

  • Maximise safety for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users through the provision of controlled pedestrian crossings on Anstey Road and Anstey Lane;
  • Enhance safety for cyclists through provision of advanced stop lines on the Anstey Road cycle lane;
  • Substantially reduce queueing and delays through provision of segregated right turn lanes on Anstey Road and Anstey Lane.
Public consultation

This report summaries key findings from the public consultation which took place from Monday 12 November to Friday 14 December 2018.  The consultation was an opportunity for local residents and businesses to provide their views on the proposed improvement scheme. The exhibition planscan still be viewed.

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