Active Travel Fund; Brighton Way Cycle Improvements

Last update: April 2022

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Following a positive public consultation earlier this year and approval from Hampshire County Council Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment.  A new constructed cycle route along Brighton Way, between the Brighton Way roundabout and Sullivan Road was completed early April 2022. 

Scheme overview

The new three metre wide cycle track has been built alongside the existing footway in Brighton Way. It has been constructed at a lower level than the footpath and separated by a kerb.

The footpath has been improved, with the existing concrete slabs removed and replaced with asphalt surfacing. New street lighting has been installed along the footpath and cycle track.

The objectives of this scheme are:

  • To facilitate an increase in walking and cycling trips within Basingstoke;
  • To build upon the proposed improvements at Brighton Hill Roundabout, by providing an improved local link for walking and cycling to / from the Brighton Hill area; and
  • To address personal safety issues by providing new street lighting and cutting back overgrown vegetation.

The County Council has recently secured over £3 million of funding from the Government’s Active Travel Fund, which aims to provide a range of measures to create better spaces for walking and cycling in local communities. This is the second tranche of funding made available for active travel measures from the Government and follows a successful bid earlier in the year for £863,000 for temporary pop-up measures to help people socially distance more easily as they returned to high streets and town centres and to make it easier to walk and cycle after the first national lockdown. Providing improved facilities for cycling in Brighton Way has been identified as a priority scheme as part of the second tranche of the Active Travel Fund.

The fully segregated route between Brighton Hill Roundabout and Sullivan Road will link directly into the other cycle routes that will be comprehensively provided through the Brighton Hill Roundabout improvement scheme, more information can be found on the scheme web page.

Feedback Survey Results

This survey is now closed, but you can still read the information pack.  The feedback survey results can now be viewed in the findings report.

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