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Last update: May 2024

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Hampshire County Council is committed to creating better spaces for people in our town centres and has secured £3.28 million from a successful bid to the Government’s Active Travel Fund. This funding is to be used to create better spaces for people walking and cycling in and around our towns across Hampshire.  The minor works was approved on 21 March 2022 to carry out these improvements.

The scheme provides more cycle parking around the town centre. New cycle stands have been introduced in various locations listed below. Some existing cycle stands have been replaced with the new style stands.  Please see the before and after visuals.

Works completed August 2022.

Locations of the cycle stands are as follows;

  • Two locations at ‘The Square’ to feature four cycle stands per location;
  • Five existing cycle stands to be replaced on Dragons Street;
  • Three existing cycle stands to be replaced on High Street.

The current temporary prohibition of driving  has been retained between the junctions of Chapel Street and The Square to prevent through traffic within the town centre.

As with the current temporary situation taxi, parking and loading access are retained as follows:

  • Taxi operators will still be able to drop off on the High Street;
  • Disabled parking will remain in the specified sections of High Street;
  • Loading bays will be retained in the specified section of High Street;
  • 30-minute parking will remain in the specified sections of High Street.

The red and white barriers have been replaced with attractive planters to help pedestrians to maintain social distancing whilst improving the look of the town and making the temporary traffic management measures easier to maintain.

In addition, we plan to provide better signing of the ‘prohibition of driving’ restriction showing that the road is closed to vehicles (except for buses, cycles
and possibly licensed taxis). A fixed camera may be implemented at a slightly later stage if necessary, to support enforcement of the restriction. 

The County Council wants to install measures that improve our town centres, and the community will support, so your feedback is vital to help inform the development of the proposals.

Feedback Survey Results

The survey is now closed, but you can still read the information pack.  The feedback survey results can now be viewed in the findings report.

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