Eclipse Busway - Completion of Phase I

The Eclipse Busway is being extended 1km south to Rowner Road, Gosport.

Last update: November 2019

Latest update

Drainage Maintenance Works

Along Henry Cort Way, between Rowner Road Bridge and Military Road, commenced early August 2019 and works expected to complete December 2019.

There will be some disruption to pedestrians and cyclists using Henry Cort Way whilst these works are being undertaken, with any required minor diversions and narrowing of the footpath / cycle way being clearly signed.

There will be a temporary site compound by Rowner Road Bridge, with some access required from Turner Avenue, which will cause minimal disruption to traffic, but pedestrians and cyclists should be aware of site traffic in the vicinity.

This is advance preparation work for the completion of Phase 1 of the Eclipse Busway and is being undertaken ahead of the main construction programme, currently planned to commence in 2020. These timescales are weather dependent and any significant changes to the scheduled dates will be made clear on the yellow boards located at the works.

Advanced Works

There is currently advanced works being undertaken between Hutfield Link and Rowner Road, consisting of removal of vegetation, installation of ducts, removal of railway tracks and other preparatory works.  Most of these works will be undertaken away from the cycle / pedestrian footway, meaning that access along Henry Cort Way will be maintained throughout. There will be a temporary site access at Hutfield Link and a site storage area towards Rowner Road Bridge, which will cause minimal disruption to traffic and users at these locations, pedestrians and cyclists should be aware of site traffic in the vicinity, these works are due to be completed by December 2019.

Whilst every effort will be made to minimise the impacts to users of Rowner Road and Henry Cort Way during the project’s construction, some disruption is to be excepted particularly during the construction and tie-in of the new busway ramp. More information on this will be shared once the works contractor has been appointed and a detailed construction programme agreed.  

The approved technical plan for the revised Rowner Road junction can be viewed here.

A further £1.4m of additional funding from the Department for Transport's Transforming Cities Fund, has been successfully secured to meet the additional cost of constructing the alternative southern junction. Approval to progress this revised scheme was given at the Executive Member for Environment and Transport Decision Day on 23rd April 2019.

Scheme overview

Hampshire County Council successfully bid for funding from the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) to complete the outstanding section of the Eclipse Busway in Summer 2017 and a further £1.4m of additional funding for the alternative southern junction that retains Rowner Road bridge, was secured in partnership with Portsmouth City Council from the Department for Transport's Transforming Cities Fund in March 2019. 

The Eclipse Busway provides a priority public transport route connecting Fareham in the north to Gosport in the south. The existing route, completed in 2012, is largely off-road with a dedicated section following the line of a former railway. The proposed 1km southern extension will follow the disused railway corridor between Tichborne Way / Hutfield Link and Rowner Road in Gosport and forms one component of a wider package of measures for Improving Access to Fareham and Gosport. The existing route is judged a great success and proposals have long existed to extend the route so that it benefits a wider catchment area.

The scheme objectives are:

  • To reduce journey time delay and peak hour congestion on and off the Gosport peninsula.
  • To remove the transport barriers to growth and encourage investment and regeneration on the peninsula.
  • To improve connectivity and provide additional network resilience across the peninsula.

Once complete, the Eclipse service operator First Hampshire and Dorset will invest in a fleet of seventeen new high specification, low-emission buses and introduce a new Eclipse Extra service to the nearby Daedalus Enterprise Zone. The renewal of the bus fleet will also reduce emissions to help address known air quality issues in the Fareham Air Quality Management Area (AQMAs).

Planning permission has been granted to amend the southern section of the approved scheme to provide a new junction arrangement at Rowner Road. This enhanced scheme includes a new ramp to connect the busway to Rowner Road. This change will allow Rowner Road bridge to be retained along with the existing shared-use route for pedestrians and cyclists under Rowner Road. 

Further Information

A public event was held on Tuesday 2nd July at Bridgemary School, the event gave an opportunity to view the details of the design and discuss the enhanced scheme with members of the project team.

Please view the exhibition plans.

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