C114 Highway Improvement and Integration Works

Last update: February 2024

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Works completed.

Hampshire County Council appointed Mildren Construction Ltd to carry out the works to upgrade the cycle and footway facilities at two locations along the C114 Camp Road/High Street.  Works started in June and completed in November 2020.  The majority of work was completed under temporary traffic light control between 9:30am to 4pm.

Scheme overview

The scheme is one element of the Whitehill and Bordon Integration Project, a collection of transport schemes planned to be introduced over the next few years. The plans include a package of transport measures to support Whitehill & Bordon's regeneration into a Green and Healthy Town.

The scheme objectives are to:

  • Encourage A325 through-traffic to use the recently completed Whitehill and Bordon Relief Road, by creating an environment on the C114 (old A325) which residents and drivers perceive as being safer, more suited to active modes of travel and more appropriate for its re-classification from A-road to C-road.
  • Better integrate the C114 with the surrounding areas, through provision of improved pedestrian and cycle facilities which will integrate the existing centres of population on the eastern side of the C114 and the new facilities being delivered as part of the regeneration which are predominantly on the western side.
  • Add to the continued development of a network of high-quality facilities within the town centre to encourage and enable an increase in walking and cycling for local journeys.

The scheme will provide the following improvements:

  • A north-south shared-use pedestrian and cycle facility through Bordon, which connects with other east-west pedestrian and cycle facilities which have been recently delivered at Budds Lane, or that are currently in development for Ennerdale Road to the north and Woolmer Way to the south.
  • The carriageway will be narrowed to promote a change in the function and character of the road through the town centre and reduce the dominance of traffic on the C114 by encouraging north-south traffic to use the new Relief Road.
  • Improved pedestrian crossing points over the C114 to connect the parts of the town on the eastern side with the new facilities being delivered as part of the regeneration on the western side.
  • Improvements to the condition of existing highway assets, including carriageway and footway resurfacing and renewals or upgrades to the highway drainage system.
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