East Anton Bus Gate

Last update: October 2023

Scheme overview

East Anton development comprises approximately 2,500 new dwellings delivered by a single developer over recent years. The masterplan for the site includes a spine road (East Anton Farm Road) with the middle section to be restricted to buses and cyclists only. This section of road includes a primary school on one side and community shops on the other. This arrangement is a condition of the East Anton Development Planning Consent.

East Anton Farm Road is now fully constructed and has been used by traffic for several years. The middle section that will be restricted to buses and cyclists only is currently closed off to all vehicles by temporary barriers.

The bus gate will enable the local bus operator Stagecoach to provide an improved bus service 6 between East Anton and Andover town Centre. The bus gate will help to provide more reliable bus services and enable Stagecoach to change the route through the area to serve a greater number of residents.

From 16 May 2022, the middle section is now open to buses and cyclists only by the introduction of a Bus Gate.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bus Gate? A bus gate is a short section of road which only buses and authorised vehicles can go through as shown by appropriate signage. Advantages of Bus Gates are that they increase the reliability of buses and allow services to run into areas avoiding congestion. They also promote the use of public transport by providing a very visual advantage over other vehicles.
How is a Bus Gate signed? This photograph shows the signing that has been erected to advise motorists of the restriction.
Who is allowed to drive through the Bus Gate? Only buses and cycles are permitted to travel through this section
How is a Bus Gate enforced? The restriction is enforced by Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras (ANPR) erected at the side of the road. These will record the number plates of all vehicles driving through the restriction and a fine (also called a penalty charge notice (PCN) is issued to anything other than a bus.
The registered keeper of a vehicle that enters a Bus Gate can expect to receive a fine of £60 which is reduced to a £30 discount charge if paid within 14 days from the date of the issuing of the notice.
Layout and Bus Timetable

This plan shows the location and the layout of the restriction.

Please see the new bus service timetable  operating from 16th May 2022.

Public consultation

The East Anton development was subject to consultation at planning consent stage and included the concept of a bus only restriction.  The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to support the restriction was advertised in January 2000 and will be sealed before the restriction enforced.  A letter has been sent to all residents on East Anton estate advising of the scheme and including details of the bus timetable.  There will be a period of enforcement for several weeks when warning letters are issued instead of fines so that people have a chance to get used to the new arrangements before receiving PCNs.

For further details about the scheme and how the ANPR enforcement project works, please see the Contact Us details.

If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice and require further information about the options available to you, please click on 'Enforcement'.

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