Hayling Island Pedestrian and Cycle Improvements Phase 1

Last update: October 2019

Scheme overview

The Hayling Island Pedestrian and Cycle Improvements Phase 1 will consist of upgrading the existing Zebra crossing in Elm Grove (just north of Mengham Road) to a Puffin crossing and providing a new pedestrian refuge island in Elm Grove just north of the crossroads of Mengham Road/Hollow Lane. 

In Tournerbury Lane at its junction with Elm Grove, the existing footways will be widened by narrowing the Tournerbury Lane bell-mouth kerb.  We will also Install reflective bollards to highlight uncontrolled crossing point and realign the existing pedestrian refuge island in Tournerbury Lane.

The junction radius at Tournerbury Lane will be narrowed and the pavements on either side will be widened. This will give better access for pedestrians while also reducing vehicle speeds upon entering Tournerbury Lane. A construction of a new refuge island to assist pedestrians in safely crossing this busy junction.

The works will be to construct a new footpath around the edge of the recreation ground to link with the existing footpath in Hawthorne Grove and the other footpath leading to the new housing development known as Halyards.  The existing footpaths at the south east corner of Legion Field will be upgraded to a rural style footpath to create better provision for all types of users.

The existing Right of Way footpaths (FP 96 and FP 97) at Hayling Park will be widened and converted to a shared use cycle/pedestrian facility. 

Works completed.

Download plans

Elm Grove puffin crossing technical plan

Tournerbury Lane junction technical plan

Legion Field footpath technical plan

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