Ipley Crossroads, Ipley, New Forest – Safety Improvement Scheme

Ipley Crossroads in the New Forest is to be reconfigured to make it safer by changing the layout to create a staggered junction, by altering the western arm of the crossroads

Last update: September 2023

Scheme overview

The improvement works completed in January 2022 have: 

  • Relocated the western arm of the junction (Yew Tree Heath Road) 50m south of its existing junction on Beaulieu Road, creating a clearly defined ‘stagger’ to the existing junction layout;
  • Rationalised existing signing , amended to grey backed signs, more in keeping with the National Park, and “cyclists crossing” warning signs installed on the north-south approach;
  • Removed the existing ‘Stop’ signs replacing them with a standard ‘Give Way’ arrangement;
  • Amended the existing road markings to complement the new road layout;
  • Installed a traditional finger post at the new junction, and the existing post refurbished and amended appropriately.

Yew Tree Heath Road has reopened now the works are complete.

Works completed:

  • Installed a traditional finger posts and the new National Cycle Network stickers;
  • Hampshire County Council in partnership with Forestry England have removed the old car free ditch.

Liaison and communication

Hampshire County Council have worked closely and extensively with the New Forest National Park Authority (NFNPA), Verderers, Natural England and Forestry England. 


The Casualty Reduction Team will continue to monitor the junction and it’s approaches for personal injury accidents over the next five years.
Stage 3 and 4 Road Safety Audits will be undertaken at the location.

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