Pedestrian improvement proposal.

Last update: February 2020

Scheme overview

Hampshire County Council has worked closely with Kingsley Parish Council to develop a scheme designed improve accessibility along the B3004 within Kingsley in East Hampshire. The need for this scheme has arisen from the concerns brought to the County Council by Kingsley Parish Council.

The objectives of this scheme are to:

  • Improve the pedestrian environment along the B3004;
  • Improve accessibility to key facilities within the village;
  • Reduce vehicle speeds through Kingsley and encourage vehicles to observe speed limits;
  • Introduce a change of driving environment through Kingsley.

The proposed highway improvements to meet these objectives include the introduction of gateways at entry points to the village, changes to road lining and highlighting pedestrian crossing points across the B3004.

Public consultation results

The report summarises key findings from the feedback survey.   Please see the exhibition plans on the proposals.


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