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Last update: September 2023

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Hampshire County Council appointed Mildren Contractors Ltd, who have undertaken the improvement works to the existing pavement in Station Road and Oakhanger Road to incorporate cycle facilities in accordance with Hampshire County Council’s Walking and Cycling Strategy.  The works completed in mid-December 2022.  Please view the before and after visuals.

Scheme overview

This scheme will provide cycle and pedestrian crossing facilities to connect residents living in the new housing developments west of the Household Waste Recycling Centre to Oakmoor School via the skate-park. The shared use path will continue along Oakhanger Road to the Relief Road with further path improvements to link to Hogmoor Road.
Additional measures will aim to manage traffic speeds appropriate to the 30mph speed limit to create a safer environment.
This scheme will include:

  • Shared use path for pedestrians and cyclists from Monarch Green (new development housing access) to Budds Lane – widening the existing footway to 3 metres and narrowing Station Road to 5.5 metres;
  • Road narrowing to 4.8 metres at crossing points and to avoid the removal of trees where practicable;
  • Street lighting improvements in Station Road from HWRC to Budds Lane junction;
  • Improvement to the Budds Lane / Oakhanger Road / Station Road junction to manage flows and reduce traffic speeds.  This will later be altered to a mini-roundabout to tie-in with the re-surfacing of Budds Lane planned following construction access requirements;
  • A shared use path along the south side of Budds Lane to connect cyclists from Oakhanger Road to the new controlled crossing near the temporary car park for improved access to the school;
  • Shared use path along Oakhanger Road from Budds Lane to the Relief Road - widening the existing footway to 3 metres and narrowing Oakhanger Road near its junction with Budds Lane;
  • Shared use path along Oakhanger Road from the Relief Road to Hogmoor Road - widening the existing footway to improve links to Hogmoor Road and the new Bolley Avenue development;
  • Tightening of the Hogmoor Road / Oakhanger Road junction and provision of improved crossing at the top of Hogmoor Road.
  • This scheme is the first phase of improved facilities along Station Road from Budds Lane to existing cycle and pedestrian links in Louisburg Barracks development.

The second phase of the works is planned for construction to start early 2023.

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