Over Wallop traffic calming proposals

Proposals for traffic calming measures for Over Wallop

Last update: April 2022

Scheme overview


Hampshire County Council, has progressed the detailed design for a traffic scheme in Over Wallop and Nether Wallop, which includes traffic management measures on Salisbury Road and the closure of Salisbury Lane.

A study commissioned in 2013 by Hampshire County Council found that a significant amount of the traffic travelled through Over Wallop and some vehicle speeds were often in excess of the 30mph speed limit.

The study recommended traffic calming measures along Station Road, concentrated south of Salisbury Lane.

The study also recommended closing Salisbury Lane, to prevent drivers from avoiding the traffic calming measures.

The County Council is working with Over Wallop Parish Council on a proposed temporary traffic management trial to include the closure of Salisbury Lane and traffic calming measures on Station Road.

Following discussions between Hampshire County Council and the Over Wallop Parish Council, a survey/consultation, was undertaken by the Parish Council In January 2022. The survey showed that there was insufficient local support for the scheme in the original format.  

Following an Executive Members Decision Day Meeting on 10th of March 2022, a decision was approved that the project will not be progressed in the original format as there was insufficient local support for it. It was decided that some small scale traffic management measures will be implemented instead. These are currently being developed and are likely to be implemented later in the year.

Scheme details

The proposal aims to:

  • slow traffic along Station Road
  • deter drivers from using Over Wallop
  • promote the use of Old Stockbridge Road as an alternative to travelling through Over Wallop
  • improve the level of amenity for local residents
Public consultation

Over Wallop Parish Council - Traffic Calming

Over Wallop Traffic Calming Consultation Report

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