Ringwood Town Centre Improvements

Last update: September 2021

Scheme background

The A31 is an important strategic route which regularly experiences significant delays between the Ringwood and Verwood junctions as it passes through the New Forest. This situation is exacerbated at peak times and during the summer months as it is a key holiday route to the south coast and the West Country.

Highway England (HE) acknowledges that improvements to the route on the approaches to Ringwood are necessary both to improve safety (particularly at the junction of West Street and A31) and to reduce congestion and improve journey reliability on the westbound carriageway. In addition, HE is also seeking to improve facilities for cyclists, pedestrians and other non-motorised users adjacent to the A31 and within Ringwood Town Centre. The A31 is a barrier to movement and severs the town centre from some of the residential areas to the north.
Following public consultation in 2017, HE decided to take forward a package of measures that includes, amongst other things, the widening of the westbound carriageway of the A31 and the closure of the West Street access onto the A31.

Since then, the County Council has been working collaboratively with New Forest District Council and Ringwood Town Council to develop a programme of small scales measures that originate from the Ringwood Town Access Plan. The measures will help to ensure both that the closure of West Street has minimal adverse impact on access within the town and to improve pedestrian and cycle safety.

The objectives of this scheme:

  • To mitigate against the impact of the planned closure of West Street to through-traffic heading for the A31 by improving pedestrian and cycle facilities for all persons living, working and visiting Ringwood town centre. The closure of West Street forms part of Highways England’s proposals to increase traffic capacity on the west-bound carriageway of the A31 and to improve facilities for cyclists, pedestrians and other non-motorised users both adjacent to the A31 and within Ringwood Town Centre; 
  • To ensure good town centre accessibility for non-car modes to encourage more walking and cycling trips;
  • To improve pedestrian and cycle connectivity between Ringwood town centre and outlying areas for both commuting, utility and leisure journeys.
Scheme details

The overall scheme will consist of:

  • Strides Lane footpath: Resurfacing and widening of the existing footpath to 1.8m - 2m and installation of new dropped kerbs;
  • West Street: Installations of build-outs to create a gateway at the Market Place end of West Street;
  • Linden Gardens/Gravel Lane: Minor improvements to improve the footpath on the approach to the zebra crossing and address drainage issues;
  • The Furlong: Construction of an improved pedestrian crossing between the Furlong Shopping Centre and Ringwood Gateway/the town centre car parks;
  • Meeting House Lane: Improvements to the pedestrian crossing adjacent to the Ringwood Meeting House;
  • Mansfield Road: Installation of a gateway on the approach to the roundabout;
  • Hurn Lane: Upgrading of the existing crossing island to accommodate cyclists;
  • Installation of cycle parking in key town centre locations (to be confirmed);
  • Signing of and minor improvements to cycle routes linking the town centre and outlying areas.

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