Romsey flood alleviation scheme

Last update: June 2019

Scheme overview

In the winter of 2013/2014, Romsey was badly affected by flooding with 36 homes and 44 commercial properties reported as flooded from a mixture of groundwater, sewer, surface water and fluvial sources. Hampshire County Council has been working with the Environment Agency and Test Valley Borough Council to develop a series of measures to manage flooding from all sources in the area.

Final works are due to be completed next year with robust contingency plans to protect homes and businesses from flooding over the winter period.

The £6.2 million project has been partnership funded with £1.499 million from Hampshire County Council and £325k from Test Valley Borough Council.  An additional £1.157 million was provided by local levy from the Southern Regional Food and Coastal Committee with the remainder coming from central government funding.

Scheme design

The scheme covers three key areas of construction to reduce the risk from flooding:

  • works along the main River Test to reduce the risk of river flooding: the River Test works will consist of a flow control structure at the top of the Fishlake Stream (near World of Water) to restrict the amount of water going directly through the town in future flood events. This will allow the floodplain to the west to fill up and direct the flood waters away from the Budds Lane area of Romsey.Drainage of the floodplain back into the main river south of the town will be improved through the provision of two spillways along the Causeway.
  • highway works at Mainstone: works will include improvements to the highway drainage network and additional points of discharge to the local ditch network.
  • improved drainage at Middlebridge Street: works will include improvements to the highway drainage network and additional points of discharge to the River Test via Holbrook Stream

The Environment Agency has appointed Team Van Oord in conjunction with Mackley to deliver the flood defence works along the main River Test. The main compound will be located at World of Water with a number of satellite compounds at key locations around the town.

Hampshire County Council will be appointing a contractor to undertake the highway works at Mainstone and Middlebridge Street with the intention of commencing construction in the summer.  In order to minimise disturbance to residents and businesses in Romsey, these improvements are being planned in close consultation with the Environment Agency, and the team working on the implementation of the Market Place scheme. The works are expected to start in the Mainstone and Middlebridge Street area in the summer and will involve partial road closures only.

Details of the starting date, and the extent and type of traffic management required, will be made widely available as soon as these have been finalised.

Environment Agency: Romsey flood alleviation scheme

The package of measures was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council for planning permission in May 2018. The details are available to view on Test Valley Borough Council’s planning portal under reference 18/01320/FULLS.

Download the exhibition scheme boards

Environment Agency presentation - February 2019

In addition, the County Council is working with Southern Water and the Environment Agency to identify and agree a strategy to develop proposals for work in a fourth area, Winchester Road.

The total number of properties that will be better protected once all the measures are implemented will be 186. In addition, the improvements will ensure that the highway network can remain open, minimise the impact on the local economy, and reduce costs, distress and disruption associated with any future flood event.

Temporary Defence Deployment Plans (TDDP) for Greatbridge Road and Riverside Gardens have been prepared in order to inform the response by the emergency services in the event of a future flooding event.

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