Salisbury Road and Western Road Accessibility Improvements

Last update: February 2019

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Works completed. 

Scheme overview

The scheme is aimed at improving pedestrian access along the existing footways of Salisbury Road and Western Road, making them accessible to all members of the public by widening and resurfacing the existing footway and providing uncontrolled pedestrian crossing points.

Providing a connection between the Garden Centre and areas beyond to the west of Salisbury Road with safer crossing points which will provide greater visibility at both the A343/Salisbury Road and Salisbury Road/Balksbury Hill junctions.

A safer alternative for cyclists by improving the shared footpath/cycle way and encouraging local residents to either walk or cycle to access the town centre for local services, facilities and employment opportunities.

The scheme will provide the following benefits:

  • To improve pedestrian accessibility on Salisbury Road by widening and levelling areas of foothpaths including narrow uneven sections located near Ashbourne Court Care Home.
  • Improving the access to an existing right of way at the Salisbury Road/A343 junction, this will link areas to the west of Salisbury Road to Andover town centre.
  • Improving the foothpath access for pedestrians and cyclists, that leads from Salisbury Road to the Test Valley Borough Council Offices.
  • To improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the junctions, by narrowing which will reduce vehicular speeds.
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