School Cycle Support

Encourage active travel to school

Last update: May 2024

Scheme Overview

The School Cycle Support scheme aims to provide schools with funds for cycle and scooter storage, within their site. This funding therefore supports those schools that are seeking to promote greater active travel by children and their families to and from school.

Other active travel capital measures, within the school grounds, were considered where they support a wider scheme. For example, funding was offered to support those schools taking part in the School Streets pilot to remove barriers that may hinder the effectiveness of the scheme, and to ensure optimum outcomes.

Sites for scheme delivery were gathered and recorded, noting the degree of engagement (mainly via Modeshift STARS accreditation) and therefore appraising the benefits to be gained.

Works on-site started on the installation of works at the first school in April 2021 and the last of the installations was completed in January 2023.
In total, 34 different schools received funding for storage, either cycle or scooter, or the installation of infrastructure that would support their active travel objectives e.g. an extension to a pedestrian path. This resulted in providing approximately 700 additional cycle parking spaces and 300 scooter spaces. Across all schools, the grant funded a total of 1011 active travel parking spaces, increasing the number of parking spaces available by 66% at the participating schools.

Monitoring is required to meet DfT requirements and so a follow-up survey was developed and sent out to schools benefitting from improved cycle and scooter infrastructure in May 2022 for primary schools and September 2022 for secondary schools. A second survey was undertaken between May and September 2023.
To find out more about the scheme and the results of the first survey, please see the Decision Report.

Roadworks and Travel Advice
Visit One.Network which is where the planned works are published and is an independent platform that allows real-time monitoring of all the UK’s roadworks and diversions.

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