School Streets

Encourage walking and active travel to school

Last update: March 2022

Scheme Overview

A School Street is a timed road closure where motorised traffic is restricted at school drop-off and pick-up times. The restriction applies to both school traffic and through traffic.

The aim of a School Street is to create a safer, healthier and pleasant environment with cleaner air and less traffic congestion. Creating a car-free environment encourages families to walk, scoot and cycle to school and to leave their cars at home. 

Hampshire County Council (HCC) is running a Department for Transport funded School Streets pilot scheme at two schools (originally three) in a mix of rural and urban areas. A further three control schools were selected to assess the impact of the measures to be compared.  The pilot was launched at the schools in July 2021, with the full trials commencing in September through to the October half term and following approvals, through to March 2022.

The trials are investigating:

  • the impact of school streets on schools and their wider communities
  • the practicalities of delivering school streets e.g. legal issues, securing volunteers, and both HCC and school staff resource requirements
  • the legal and practical considerations to deliver school streets in more complex scenarios.

The schools that were selected for the project are.

  • Alverstoke Infant School (Gosport)
  • Cadland Primary School (New Forest)
  • Harrison Primary School (Fareham)

Unfortunately in December 2021, Alverstoke Infant School withdrew from the pilot due to challenges with resourcing the scheme.
A report is going to Cabinet on 15th March to share the monitoring and evaluation that has been undertaken to-date and to seek approval to continue the pilot:
Agenda for Cabinet on Tuesday, 15th March, 2022, 10.30 am | About the Council | Hampshire County Council (

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