Stubbington Village Improvements

Encourage walking and active travel in the village centre.

Last update: April 2024

Latest updates
Works completed March 2023.
Scheme Overview

Following feedback after the stakeholder engagement in 2021 the scheme has been modified to:

  • Retain two lane approaches to the roundabouts on the north/south route through the village, including on Gosport Road between the two roundabouts and on Stubbington Lane;
  • Reposition the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing points to be set back from the roundabout.

This highway scheme aims to discourage unnecessary through traffic from the existing route through the village, whilst retaining local access and supporting use of the new bypass, both now and in the future traffic volumes grow. Making the roundabouts more compact will help to contain vehicle speeds through the junctions and improve traffic management and safety.  The scheme also aims to encourage more walking and cycling by providing new and widened footways with improved crossing points near the roundabouts.

At the Mays Lane roundabout the approaches will be modified to accommodate footway widening, with Titchfield Road and Mays Lane reduced to a single lane, whilst two traffic lanes will be retained on the Gosport Road approach from the Stubbington Green roundabout. The footways and crossing point at Mays Lane will be widened, and on the south side of the roundabout the footway will be widened to form a new foot/cycleway between Titchfield Road and the signal controlled Toucan crossing by Burnt House Lane.

At the Stubbington Green roundabout the approaches will be modified to accommodate footway widening, and whilst two traffic lanes will be retained on the Gosport Road approach from the Mays Lane roundabout and on the Stubbington Lane approach, the Gosport Road from the east will be reduced to a single lane. Excess carriageway space will be reallocated to the footway widening and improved pedestrian crossing points, with a new footway constructed between Stubbington Green and Stubbington Lane.  The overall size of each roundabout will be reduced, and the circulating carriageway marked with traffic lanes where two lane entries are retained.  View the layout plans.

The updated proposals were approved for implementation by the Executive Member for Highways Operations at the Decision Day on the 10 March 2022 – the Decision Report can be viewed here: Executive Member Decision Day 10 March 2022.
The £775,000 scheme is funded by the Government’s Active Travel fund and from local transport developer contributions. The scheme forms part of the Stubbington Bypass scheme which was opened on the 30 May 2022.

Feedback Survey Results

The proposed scheme reflects the modifications made in response to the stakeholder engagement undertaken in the autumn of 2021 by retaining two lanes on the Stubbington Lane and Gosport Road (north arm) approaches to the Stubbington Green roundabout, and on the Gosport Road approach to the Mays Lane roundabout. The stakeholder engagement took place from 18 October to 14 November 2021, using the online information pack and was an opportunity for local residents and businesses to provide their views on the proposed improvement scheme. The report summarises key findings from the feedback survey which enabled the scheme to be reviewed and refined before being approved in March 2022.

Funding Arrangements
Funding for the transport capital delivery schemes is separate from the County Council’s revenue budget and savings proposals. In the majority of cases funding comes from external grants and / or Section 106 contribution from developers. This funding usually has conditions that strictly control on how, where and when it can be spent.
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