Stubbington Bypass

A bypass to divert traffic around the outskirts of Stubbington

Last update: April 2022

Latest updates

Traffic Management Updates

1. A27 Titchfield Gyratory/B3334 Titchfield Road

The A27/B3334 Titchfield Gyratory has been modified with a temporary road layout for the right turn towards Stubbington and Gosport with repositioned traffic signals by Titchfield Road. Work to complete the permanent layout here is ongoing to early May which will involve off peak lane closures on the A27 and Titchfield Road. Traffic heading towards Stubbington will need to continue to merge into one lane south of the A27, however this will be moved further south of this junction.

2. B3334 Titchfield Road – A27 to Bridge Street

The current single lane in each direction will be repositioned to the west side of Titchfield Road between the A27 and a point on the south side of the junction with Bridge Street, to enable working space on the east side for the completion of the finishes to the face of the cutting. This is scheduled to continue to the end of May and will include the ongoing use of temporary traffic signals at the junction with Bridge Street whilst the new permanent signals are being installed. Temporary signal crossings will be operating for pedestrian and cycle access to/from Bridge Street.

3. B3334/B3385 Peel Common Roundabout

Overnight work using traffic lane closures is planned over the two nights of Thursday 28 and Friday 29 April to enable the permanent reinstatement of trenches on the Peel Common roundabout by Gosport Road. These works will be undertaken from 8pm to 5am each night.
From Easter for about 4 weeks the traffic signals on the Broom Way approach to the roundabout will be switched off and a temporary signed Give Way priority control installed. The control of the other arms of the roundabout will remain as existing with signal timings adjusted to suit. It will also be necessary to close the pedestrian and cycle route around the southern (Broom Way) side of the roundabout and divert pedestrians and cyclists around the north (Newgate Lane) side of the roundabout, with the temporary Toucan crossing on Gosport Road retained to access the cycle route on Gosport Road. These temporary arrangements are necessary to enable the new traffic signals to be installed on the Gosport Road and Broom Way side of the roundabout.

Please see the latest newsletter for scheme progress and photos.


Scheme Overview

Traffic Management

To help minimise traffic disruption, off peak lane closures, temporary traffic signals and 30mph speed limits are being utilised to control traffic and maintain safety for the public and the workforce. Off peak traffic signals will normally be operational between 9:30am and 3:30pm. Where activity cannot be completed in a day it will be necessary to utilise temporary 24 hour traffic signals, such as for public utility (water, gas, etc.) service diversions to maintain supplies, which will where possible be notified in advance. Please be aware and allow extra time when planning your journey.

Unless referred to in Section 1, the routes with temporary traffic management include:

  • A27 Titchfield Gyratory – off peak lane closures;
  • B3334 Titchfield Road – off peak daytime temporary traffic including item below;
  • B3334 Titchfield Road – junction with Bridge Street – 24 hour/7days a week 3-way temporary signals;
  • B3334 Gosport Road – off peak daytime temporary traffic signals;
  • Peak Lane – work not related to the bypass is taking place in Peak Lane until late April 2022. For more information see the link in Section 6 (One Network). .

Local public rights of way are open but local measures will be deployed to maintain safety.

See the temporary traffic 30mph speed restriction table:

Road Temporary 30mph speed limit from To
A27 Southampton Road Mill Lane  Ranvilles Lane
B3334 Titchfield Road Titchfield Gyratory Crofton Manor Equestrian Centre
B3334 Gosport Road (including Peel Common roundabout) Marks Road The Drive
B3385 Broom Way Peel Common roundabout Brune Lane
Peak Lane Longfield Avenue/Rowan Way roundabout Oakcroft Lane
Ranvilles Lane Oakcroft Lane 300m north of 175 Ranvilles Lane

Vegetation removal

Earlier work has involved the removal of trees and vegetation which, including the tidying and removal of cut materials from across the site, will be completed over the next few weeks. Once the construction work is able to progress and is sufficiently advanced, a landscape planting scheme will follow that provides approximately 530 specimen trees, 365 conifers, 8,000 grouped trees, and 19,000 whips as new and replacement hedging. This will be maintained for a 5 years after planting to help ensure it becomes fully established.

’Meet the Contractor’ Event

This joint public event, hosted by Hampshire County Council and BAM Nuttall Ltd., was held on Tuesday 21 January between 1pm and 7pm and was attended by approximately 400 local people. The information presented at the event can be viewed hereand the Stubbington 3D Visualisation.

The £41.995 million Stubbington bypass scheme is funded by the Department for Transport, the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership and Hampshire County Council.

The new bypass will:

  • Divert through traffic around the north and east side of Stubbington;
  • Improve journey times and reliability on the Gosport Peninsula;
  • Help remove transport barriers to growth and encourage investment and regeneration, particularly at the Solent Enterprise Zone at Daedalus;
  • Provide a new single carriageway road between the B3334 Titchfield Road and the B3334 Gosport Road including a new junction at Peak Lane, and;
  • Improved off-road cycle routes between the A27 at Titchfield Gyratory and Gosport Road alongside the new road;
  • Improvements to Titchfield Road between the A27 and the new junction with the bypass (near the large greenhouses/Fides Cuttings);
  • Improvements to the Gosport Road between the new bypass junction (about 200m east of Marks Road) and the Peel Common roundabout;
  • Improvements to the A27 Titchfield Gyratory and further improvements to the Peel Common Roundabout (Gosport Road/Broom Way arms only);
  • Traffic management measures at the B3334 Gosport Road/Mays Lane and Gosport Road/Stubbington Lane roundabouts (details to be confirmed).

Stubbington bypass forms part of Hampshire's wider plan for improving access to Fareham and Gosport. As part of the plan some schemes have already been delivered including at the Newgate Lane corridor, the Peel Common roundabout, sections of the A27 between Segensworth to Titchfield and at The Avenue/Station Roundabout/Western Way.

Planning application and Supporting Documents

The planning application for the scheme was submitted to the County Council in July 2015 and planning permission was granted (subject to conditions) in October 2015 - view the application details

The temporary extension to the working hours for some construction activities will continue in line with government guidance. These have been extended to enable work between 8am and 9pm Monday to Saturday. To help reduce any impact of this change, the extended working hours are limited to those areas of the scheme that are more remote from residential and business properties. All other environmental and traffic constraints remain active.

Newsletter and Progress Photos

Progress photographs and previous newsletter can be viewed from the links below;

Results of the public consultation

The public consultation exercise ended on 4 July 2014. 75% of respondents supported the preferred route for the Stubbington Bypass.

Consultation findings report

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