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Last update: June 2024

Latest Update

In line with our corporate procurement requirements, Beryl Bikes have been secured to deliver a bike share element for the Travel Hubs. Beryl Bikes will deliver up to 65 e-bikes across various locations in Eastleigh and Southampton Parkway. A Car Share Operator will be procured separately.

S115E notices have been issued for those Bike Share locations that are on the public highway.

Bay Name and Link to Red Line Visual Plan Bay Type Link to Street View on Google Maps  Link to S115E Notice
Wells Place / High Street Parklet 8 Wells Place s115 Notice EL007 Wells Place High Street
Blenheim Road Parklet 99 High Street s115 Notice EL008 Blenheim Road
Shakespeare Road Parklet Shakespeare Road s115 Notice EL015 Shakespeare Road 
Somers Way Parklet Somers Way s115 Notice EL019 Somers Way  
Chestnut Avenue Roundabout Parklet Chestnut Avenue s115 Notice EL024 Chestnut Avenue 
Bosville Parklet 38 Bosville s115 Notice EL026 Bosville  
Tinning Way / Annealing Close Parklet Tinning Way s115 Notice EL028 Tinning Way 
Chestnut Avenue
(opposite Barton Peveril Bus Stop)
Parklet Chestnut Avenue s115 Notice EL033 Chestnut Avenue


Scheme overview

The aim of this scheme is to provide a facility which has a focus on encouraging the use of active and sustainable transport. A travel hub offers a combination of cycle hire/cargo bikes and e-car club vehicles in addition to high quality cycle parking and access to public transport services for the local urban community. They are located in places which offer access to rail and bus services and have a nearby population to serve e.g. town or local centres. They can also offer facilities such as cafes or ‘pop-up’ retail units, all linked together through high quality public realm and streetscape. They can also act as micro-consolidation points with ‘click & collect’ facilities for a range of services such as parcels, shopping or dry cleaning.

Finally, they may offer community facilities such as cycle training, bike clubs, guide bike rides, ‘bike repairs and servicing maintenance or any other relevant opportunities for supporting community activity.

The proposed Eastleigh Travel Hub is to be located near to the bus and rail station and to be served by permeable walking and cycling routes, it aims to serve the nearby residential and areas and the town centre and make switching between modes easy, uncomplicated and straight forward.

The Travel Hub if completed, will be the first in Hampshire.

In March 2020, Hampshire County Council welcomed news of the successful outcome of a funding bids to the Department for Transport. Made jointly with Southampton City Council, Hampshire County Council made a bid for investment designed to improve walking, cycling and public transport within the Southampton City Region. The Department for Transport awarded £57 million to the Southampton City Region from the Transforming Cities Fund (TCF). This funding is for capital investment in infrastructure to support and encourage active and sustainable travel from the outlying residential areas to key economic drivers nearer the City Centre. The majority of the investment is on corridors from Eastleigh, Bursledon and The Waterside/Totton in addition to transport and mobility hubs in Eastleigh and at Southampton Parkway.

Current Status

The scheme is currently progressing through procurement and Operators are being sought for the provision of Bike Share and Car Club facilities. This follows Delegated Authority Approval to spend on 4 August 2023. Please see the Decision Report.

Once operators have been secured in line with HCC procurement requirements, it is anticipated that the schemes will be launched by summer 2024. Operators will be required to also provide a travel hub service at Southampton Parkway.


Following on from our market research, Hampshire County Council conducted a second stage engagement and asked for your feedback on the use of proposed services and facilities for the travel hub proposal in your area.  This report summarises the key findings from this engagement exercise.

The survey was open from 26 September 2022 and closed just before midnight on 23 October 2022.  The information pack and the FAQs is still available to view.

Market Research

This report summarises key findings from the market research survey which took place from Wednesday 14 July 2021 to Wednesday 20 August 2021. This was an opportunity for local residents and businesses to provide their views on the proposed improvement scheme. The market research information pack is still available to view.

Funding Arrangements

Please visit Transforming Cities Fund Southampton web page for further details.

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