Whitehill and Bordon Transportation Green Grid Green Loop

Last update: November 2021

Green Grid Green Loop

Hampshire County Council is working in partnership with East Hants District Council to implement the Green Grid Green Loop pedestrian and cycle network around the town.  Please view the GGGL existing and planned routes here.

These supplement the Integration Projects with an aim to;

  • Knit together the existing and new areas of town – creating easier access for non-motorised users that better integrates new developments with established settlements and creating a more cohesive townscape;
  • Support better health by enabling active travel (more walking and cycling);
  • Enable sustainable growth by promoting sustainable travel.

Links to connect existing pedestrian and cycle facilities in the town, with further works planned over the next few years as and when funding is made available include;

  • A325 Relief Road – Dukes Quarter (Junction 2) to Oakhanger Road (Junction 3);
  • Station Road / Oakhanger Road – Hogmoor Road to Station Road Crossroads to include traffic measures to effectively manage traffic.  This section is to be carried in two phases;  
    • The first phase,a shared use path from Monarch Green to Hogmoor Road via Station Road/Oakhanger Road and including a section in Budds Lane, is planned for construction in spring 2022.
    • The second phase,from Monarch Green to Station Road crossroads, including links on the C114 currently in preliminary design for delivery in 2023.
  • Ennerdale Road (4 Phases) – Station Road (proposed new development near skate park) to C114 Camp Road / Quebec Park;
  • C114 High Street / Woolmer Way (Tesco) Junction – conversion of pedestrian only signal crossings to Toucan (pedestrian/cyclist) crossings to improve connectivity for cyclists;
  • C114 High Street / Conde Way Roundabout – improved crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Petersfield Road Parallel Crossing - crossing for pedestrians and cyclists to link New Road with the new Village Hall path;
  • Hogmoor Road – southern housing area to Oakhanger Road to include traffic measures to effectively manage traffic with a view to reducing the 40 mph speed limit to 30mph. Currently in feasibility stage.

A number of off-highway footpath and cycle paths are also be constructed in collaboration with HCC’s Countryside Services Team;

  • C114 Camp Road to A325 Relief Road (via Village Hall) – shared use foot/cycle path with a mix of asphalt and bound gravel construction;
  • Alexandra Park - shared use cycle/footpath – from Camp Road into the centre of the park.  Works are substantially complete with a small section of path still to do;
  • Whitehill Village Hall - shared use path. Works are complete. Link from village hall to A325 Relief Road proposed for Autumn 2021;
  • Woolmer Way Junction - upgrade of existing junction to improve movement for cyclists.  Works started in March 2021 with a planned Summer 2021 completion;
  • Budds Lane, South Footway - upgrade of existing footway to improve pedestrian movements. Works planned to start Summer 2021;
  • South East Loop;
  • Bordon Inclosure to Mill Chase Road - shared use foot/cycle path of bound gravel construction with replacement boardwalk;
  • Mill Chase Road to Forest Road – footpath of bound gravel construction with replacement bridges and boardwalks; 
  • Route to Lindford – Quebec Park to Lindford – shared use foot/cycle path of bound gravel construction with replacement bridges and boardwalks.

Development and implementation of these schemes is subject to funding and the necessary approvals.

Wider Strategy
The Whitehill & Bordon Relief Road is part of a wider transport delivery strategy developed to support the Whitehill Bordon project.
Further information can be found here.
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