Whitehill and Bordon relief road

Relief road to facilitate the regeneration of the town

Last update: September 2018

Latest updates

Oakhanger Road closure - Night time works

The night-time closures planned for Monday 17 September to Wednesday 19 September are no longer required as the Contractor completed the necessary work last week, ahead of schedule.

Further Night-time closures between the hours of 9pm and 6am are planned to take place on Oakhanger Road between Hogmoor Road and Budds Lane to facilitate further construction of the scheme:

  • Monday 8 October to Wednesday 10 October

The work is planned to be undertaken at night so as to reduce the impact on local residents and businesses

Diversion plan

Section A – Junction 1 to Junction 2
This section is open for public access to the show homes as of 29 June 2018 until the opening of the Relief Road in its entirety (Phases 1 and 2).
Drivers are requested to adhere to the speed limit throughout this section and are requested to take care as there may be works ongoing in this area.  

Section B – Junction 2 to Phase 1 (completed Northern Section)
Hampshire County Council’s appointed Contractor, Mildren Construction started work on 25 June 2018. 

Work is progressing with surfacing of the constructed formation.  Two-way traffic signals will be in operation where the Relief Road intersects with Oakhanger Road.

Scheme overview

The road will be a total length of about 2.6 miles (4.1km) and except for a short section of dual carriageway at the northern end will comprise a two way single carriageway with separate provision for pedestrians and cyclists.

The route of the road will:

  • start to the north of Bordon, on the A325 Farnham Road
  • pass through the MOD area to the west of the town and reconnect with the A325 to the south at the A325 Petersfield Road, Liphook Road and Firgrove Road junction in Whitehill

Whitehill and Bordon location plan

The completed Relief Road will become the A325, replacing the current A325 through the town which will be de-classified (see further information below).
The County Council gave its full approval to construct the relief road in January 2015.

Project appraisal documents 20 January 2015

Northern section of the Relief Road (Phase one)
The northern section of the Relief Road (phase one – Louisburg Avenue) was completed in November 2016 and currently provides access to the new housing developments until the Relief road is completed in its entirety.

Completed phase one section

Southern section of the Relief Road (Phase two)
Hampshire County Council is currently constructing phase two (Templars Way / Louisburg Avenue) of the Relief Road which is a two mile section south of phase one. This £20 million major scheme will join up with phase one (Louisburg Avenue), to create a new Relief Road to the west of the area, with a dedicated path for pedestrians and cyclists.
The southern tie-in to the existing A325 / Firgrove Road / Liphook Road junction is constructed as one elongated roundabout, known as a long-about, in the medium to long term. The long-about may be changed to the original two-roundabout design should future capacity requirements dictate.

Junction one plan

In addition, two traffic light controlled junctions; one to access the new garrison housing development and the second at the intersection with Oakhanger Road will be provided.

Phase two will be completed in two sections;

  • Section A (Junction one to two) is to be opened for public access to the showhomes from the 29 June 2018 until the opening of the Relief Road in its entirety (Phases 1 and 2). 
  • Section B -  junction two, to connect with Phase 1 of the relief road by the end of the year 2018.

Plan of phase two (not to scale)

The remaining construction work (Section B) will not affect local residents as it is constructed on Ministry of Defence land to the north west of Whitehill and Bordon. There will be occasions when overnight road closures and diversions will be required at the Oakhanger Road junction. The County Council will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum for the safety of road users and our workers.

The route

When the Relief Road is complete the following will apply:  

Road Re-classifications

  • Relief Road is to be A325
  • The existing A325 from Junction 6 to Station Road is to be a ‘B’ classification – number to be confirmed
  • The existing A325 from Station Road to Junction 1 is to be a ‘C’ classification – number to be confirmed
  • Station Road (currently B3002) to be reclassified as a ‘C’ road – number to be confirmed
  • Budds Lane (currently B3002) to be reclassified as a ‘C’ road – number to be confirmed

Speed Limits

  • 30mph - the existing complete section of relief road (Phase 1) from Junction 6 (A325 Forge Road roundabout) to just west of Junction 4 (Sydney Martin Way roundabout)
  • 40mph - from the end of the 30mph speed limit southwards, along the rest of the relief road to Junction 1 (A325/Firgrove Road / Liphook Road roundabout).

Names of roads

  • Louisburg Avenue - Junction 6 (A325 Forge Road roundabout) to Junction 3 (Oakhanger Road)
  • Templars Way - Junction 3 (Oakhanger Road) to Junction 1 (A325/Firgrove Road / Liphook Road roundabout)

Relief Road Clearway Order
When the Relief Road is opened in full at the end of 2018, it will be subject to a Clearway Order which will prohibit vehicles from waiting on the main carriageway at any time.

Background and context

The Relief Road supports the planned regeneration of Whitehill & Bordon in order to:

  • provide a free flowing alternative to the A325 and relieve traffic congestion on the A325
  • provide access to the new development
  • reduce development traffic flow on the A325 and on surrounding local roads
  • reduce community severance, currently created by heavy traffic flow on the A325 

Wider strategy

The Whitehill & Bordon Relief Road is part of a wider transport delivery strategy developed to support the Whitehill Bordon project.

Further information can be found at Whitehill and Bordon traffic and transport web page.

Section S61 Notice

Whitehill and Bordon Ph1 S61 Notice

Whitehill and Bordon S61 plan

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