Whitehill and Bordon relief road

Relief road to facilitate the regeneration of the town

Last update: February 2018

Latest updates

Following the financial collapse of Carillion Hampshire County Council has made arrangements with Skanska to complete the relief road. Skanska is now on site and their first priority is to ensure the completion of the southern section of the relief road from the A325 / Firgrove Road roundabout to Junction 2, to allow access to the first phase of new housing.

Scheme overview

Southern section of the Relief Road

Hampshire County Council is currently constructing phase two of the Relief Road which is a two mile section south of phase one. This £20 million major scheme will join up with phase one (Louisburg Avenue), to create a new Relief Road to the west of the area, with a dedicated path for pedestrians and cyclists.

Phase two will pass between the garrison redevelopment area and Hogmoor Inclosure.

The tie-in to the A325 will remain as one elongated roundabout, known as a long-about, in the medium to long term, following further investigation.Clear road markings and road signs will guide traffic around the long-about which will work more effectively when complete.

Junction one plan

In addition, two traffic light controlled junctions; one to access the new garrison housing development and the second at the intersection with Oakhanger Road will be provided.

Phase two will be completed in two sections;

  • Section A - junction one to two by Spring 2018
  • Section B - junction two, to the northern section of the relief road by Autumn 2018

The majority of construction work will not affect local residents or commuters as it is constructed on Ministry of Defence land to the west of Whitehill and Bordon. There will be occasions when diversions and road closures will need to be put in place, the County Council will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum for the safety of road users and our workers.

Roads now open: the A325 and the northern section of the Relief Road which provides access to the new show homes.

Background and updates about the wider project is available on the Whitehill & Bordon Eco-town website

Plan of phase two (not to scale)

Northern section of the Relief Road

Hampshire County Council appointed Raymond Brown Construction to work on the northern section of the Relief Road which started on 28 September 2015. This section is now complete and provides access to the new housing developments.

Phase one of the Relief Road comprises of 0.6 miles (1km) of road through the Louisburg Barracks site that connects with the A325 in the north. There are three brand new roundabouts along the relief road, two within the site of the barracks to provide access to the new development areas and the third connecting the new road with the existing A325. Completed Phase one section.

Background and context

The Relief Road supports the planned regeneration of Whitehill & Bordon in order to:

  • provide a free flowing alternative to the A325 and relieve traffic congestion on the A325
  • provide access to the new development
  • reduce development traffic flow on the A325 and on surrounding local roads
  • reduce community severance, currently created by heavy traffic flow on the A325

The route

Whitehill and Bordon location plan

The route of the road will:

  • start to the north of Bordon, on the A325 Farnham Road
  • pass through the MOD area to the west of the town and reconnect with the A325 to the south at the A325 Petersfield Road, Liphook Road and Firgrove Road junction in Whitehill

The road will be a total length of about 2.6 miles (4.1km) and except for a short section of dual carriageway at the northern end will comprise a two way single carriageway with separate provision for pedestrians and cyclists.

The County Council gave its full approval to construct the relief road in January 2015.

Project appraisal documents 20 January 2015

Wider strategy

The Whitehill & Bordon Relief Road is part of a wider transport delivery strategy developed to support the Whitehill Bordon project that comprises:

  • Whitehill & Bordon Relief road
  • A325 urban design and traffic management integration measures
  • junction mitigation measures on the surrounding road network
  • sustainable transport measures linking the proposed development area to the existing settlements of Whitehill and Bordon and further afield
  • traffic management measures in surrounding communities

Whitehill & Bordon transport delivery strategy

Section S61 Notice

Whitehill and Bordon Ph1 S61 Notice

Whitehill and Bordon S61 plan

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